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1 John 4:9

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March 27, 2014

Book Review: More than you Know
by Jo Goodman

Book 1 in the Hamilton Family Series

This book broke several of the rules I was used to and might I say, WOW. This is the tale of Rand Hamilton and the fiery beauty that enters his life quite unexpectedly -- one Claire Bancroft. First off, I had never read a book where one of the main characters was blind. I mean, a fiction tale we have all read and heard of the extraordinary Helen Keller when we were in school, but it is very unusual to find a character in today's fiction world with a handicap. They are usually strapping and healthy, drop dead gorgeous and quite unbelievable characters. Not so here. Jo Goodman has a way of making the characters come to life and seem as if they were people you know, and not just words written on a page.

Rand and Claire are off on an adventure that spans the regions from his family plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, to the exotic islands of the South Pacific. Both have their own agendas - Rand is on a quest to solve a family riddle that could hold the key to a treasure to restore his family's estate back to them after the devastation of the Civil War. Claire is on a search to find the truth of what really happened to her family all those years ago when her memory and sight were taken from her.

Both are strong-willed and hardheaded at times and to say they clash is a bit of an understatement. As their feelings begin to grow for each other, will they find that real treasure cannot be measured in silver and gold, but in the finding of a love more precious than any gem?

You will be swept away by the story and the unforgettable characters in this one, believe me, it is well worth the money and time. Serious at times and so funny you will laugh out loud at others. This is no cheesy romance book; you will not be sorry. Oh, go ahead and pick up More Than You Wished while you're at the bookstore, you will want to get started on it as soon as you finish this one.


More than he knew

Rand Hamilton vows to rebuild his Charleston plantation with the only means left to him: a long-lost treasure that has lured and cursed two families for centuries. But to finance his expedition, he must agree to the terms of his wealthy London benefactor and allow his goddaughter to accompany him. Although wary, Rand agrees to take the woman with him, unaware that she is the one who holds the key to a haunting riddle that will lead him to a glorious treasure - and to a passion he has never known.

More than she dreamed

London heiress Claire Bancroft is desperate to seek hidden meaning to the terrible fate that has shattered her life. Determined to find her missing brother and unlock the haunting secrets of her past, she must place her trust in Rand, only to discover that she is becoming completely enraptured by him...and the promise of a shining future together...

Buy your copy here!


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