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March 29, 2014

Book Review: Primal Instincts by Susan Sizemore

Book 9 in the Prime Series

BLURB: New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore draws you into a dazzling world of seductive vampires and unquenchable cravings . . .

Tobias Strahan leads the elite vampire squad known as the Dark Angels, protecting the city’s paranormal denizens. It’s the perfect job for an ├╝bermacho Prime . . . until clan heiress Flare Reynard stirs an obsession in him that refuses to fade. Flare’s mother—desperate for a grandchild—has made Tobias an intriguing proposition, and it’s soon clear to Tobias that Flare is nothing like the spoiled princess he’d assumed her to be. She’s smart as hell, wickedly funny, and loyal, and Tobias knows deep within that she is his bondmate—the bondmate every Prime searches for.

Flare has every intention of providing her clan with children—but on her own terms. That means a donor and a clinic, not a wild tumble with the most potent Prime of them all. Flare knows it’s a mistake to get close to a warrior like Tobias, since their searing connection puts her heart, his loved ones, their entire world at risk. But logic is no match for fierce, instinctive desire. . . .

REVIEW: Tobias Strahan is the Prime in charge of the elite team of vampires known as the Dark Angels. They are charged with the task of protecting and keeping the peace in the paranormal community. But he may have just received his toughest mission yet and it has nothing to do with battling any rogue werewolves or vampires it will be a test of this warrior’s heart!

Francesca “Flare” Reynard knows her responsibilities and she fully intends to supply her people with the offspring to help keep their dwindling numbers stronger. But she wants it to be done on her terms, which are a clinic and a sperm donor not mating with anyone… and therefore not bringing her heart into play in the process. But her heart and her world are about to be tipped on their axis when her mother who is a clan Matris gets involved and proposed that Tobias be the father of her grandchildren!

Tobias and Flare can’t deny that there are sparks a plenty flying between them but both of them have pasts and preconceived notions that tell them that they couldn’t possibly be compatible let alone Bondmates! The closer they get however the more the walls come tumbling down around their well guarded hearts. There is also danger a plenty as well that Tobias and the Dark Angels have to get to the bottom of however the main plot of this one is that of the relationship between Flare and Tobias.

While this was an ok read I found that it was only that and not up to the standards of the past Prime novels that I have read before this one. I am not certain exactly how to best describe the difference or what it is that is missing from this one but it fell short of the stellar novels that Sizemore had penned before it. Flare was portrayed as the aristocratic ice queen and Tobias as the warrior who has to try to see past her outer icy persona to the real person within. While the book did have it’s moments it just didn’t leave me hanging to the pages like the others have. I can't put my finger on exactly the reason why, maybe it is that this is book 9 in the series - all I do know is that it seemed that some of the spark that has been in the other novels just was not present here. I am sure that fans of the Primes series will still want to read it and enjoy it as part of the series but it is definitely not the stand out book of the series.


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