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March 27, 2014

Book Review: Running Wild by Sarah McCarty

Book 1 in the Wild Series

Running Wild is a three story anthology from author Sarah McCarty that takes on a new genre than most of her previous novels… the world of the paranormal, werewolves to be exact. Now I am a big fan of Sarah McCarty’s I have been ever since I read the first of her Promise’s Series (which is fabulous by the way) and I have to say I’m only a bigger fan of her writing now! I tell you from the start of this one I couldn’t put it down.

The three stars of this book are Donovan & Kelon McGowan and Wyatt Carmichael all three are werewolves and all three have longed to find their one true mate ,- the one woman who can fill the other half of their soul and make them complete in every way. But in a world where werewolves and human connections are forbidden can their newly found love thrive or even survive?

Wyatt is the local sheriff of the sleepy little town of Haven, Montana and Donovan (a Protector of the pack that they all belong too and also Wyatt's cousin)comes to visit Wyatt with news that he has to return to the pack as his father who is the leader of their pack is dying and Wyatt must in turn take is rightful place of Alpha and leader of the pack. Donovan didn’t expect to find the woman he had been searching for all his life (Lisa Delaney) to suddenly walk into the town’s sole entertainment venue (a combination bowling alley/bar/ pool hall) where he and Wyatt were talking… and he expected even less that the first thing that he would see her do would be to proceed to beat the living daylights out of a big man who wronged her sister with a pool cue! Donovan immediately comes to her aid when some of the man’s buddies appear to be turning far to interested in the proceedings and in Lisa. He knew from the moment that he saw her though that she was the one, the one that would be his mate his other half for the rest of his life and in the next. Now he just has to convince her of that fact, and keep her safe from Buddy (the jerk who misused her sister) and his less than stand up friends. But things go from bad to worse when someone tries to run Lisa and Donovan off the side of a cliff on the icy roads. Donovan is severely injured in the accident, but with his being wolf he quickly heals before Lisa’s very eyes. Can she accept what she has seen and even more can she overcome her shock and their differences enough to let their budding love grow? Or will the thugs who have been after Lisa and her sister Robin make good on their threats and destroy them all before they get the chance?

Kelon arrives in town when Wyatt has to return to their pack to see about his Father the pack. He was summoned by Donovan and Wyatt to help protect and defend Lisa and her very ailing sister Robin from the threats on their lives.

Kelon is Donovan’s brother and he has lived a long and stoic life. Donovan has long worried over his brother’s increasingly evasive and icy attitudes toward life in many ways. But all of that seems to change as soon as Kelon sets eyes on Robin Delaney! This fragile beauty immediate captures his heart and he knows as soon as he sees her that he has found his mate in her. But Robin is very gravely ill after having her second kidney transplant and she is showing signs yet again of rejection of the transplanted organ. Kelon can’t believe that he has found her only to learn that she is dying. Robin is resolved to her fate and has accepted it but Kelon is bound and determined to help her see that she has everything to fight and live and chief among those things is love… Meanwhile more things start to occur that point to their being an even more dangerous foe and possibly another even more dangerous threat to the Delaney sisters than just the local troublemakers that they thought were the problem. When Kelon finds clues that someone has been watching the house with more than just a camera (a high powered rifle he is sure) the wolf inside him roars even more to get to the bottom of the threat that could take the life of not only his new found love but her sister Lisa as well. Robin’s health continues to deteriorate and the third Delaney sister shows up to check on her and to see what she can do to help her sister. Heather Delaney is not only their older sister who has taken care of both Lisa and Robin since their parents deaths when she was 18 but she’s also an emergency room nurse and she knows better than anyone just what is coming with Robin’s condition.

Even more trouble comes to the fore when Kelon and Donovan can’t get a hold of Wyatt to see how things are going with the pack and they fear the worst might have happened as they know that he will be facing constant challenges by other males of the pack for supremacy (and those challenges are just mere fist fights wolves fight to the death in a challenge of power). So against all odds Lisa and Robin insist that they go and check on Wyatt and they are determined to go along for the ride and where they go so does Heather… and from the moment that she meets Wyatt Carmichael she knows that her life will never be the same. Wyatt and Heather are immediately drawn together but as the danger and challenges mount by the hour Wyatt is disheartened to think that he has finally found his one true mate only to have to wait to claim her for fear of not only leaving her a widow very early, but putting her own life in mortal danger as well. I won’t give away anymore of the secrets but this surely shows you how action packed and thrilling this book truly is not only as a romance but as a riveting adventure as well.

I absolutely LOVED this book. As I said I couldn’t put it down from the start which I admit is highly unusual for me with anthologies, I find with many anthologies that the stories are often just not developed enough in the small amount of each story to get very involved with the characters as you can on a full sized novel but not so here! Not only does she prove here that she is a stellar historical romance author but she has proven that she can build intricate new worlds of danger, romance, and wild hot Alpha heroes in the paranormal field as well! But these Alpha males turn into absolute gentle giants within the arms of their lady loves. And Sarah McCarty continues to amaze me with the depth of emotion and breathtaking situations that she creates. I cried several times in this one which is another unusual for me. I might get tears in my eyes sometimes but rarely do I have the tears roll freely and they did several different times in this one. The story of Robin and Kelon just had me in awe truly … I was in love right along with them. Ms. McCarty broke my heart and put it back together counts times with this one and managed to make me love every second of it. Beautiful, exciting, heatbreaking, and so hot it will set your fingers on fire - this one is a total keeper and I can’t wait to dive into book two in this series!


Three stories of sensual erotic romance. Three werewolves who feed a wild hunger…

Donovan must bring the Pack Alpha home and nothing more. But when he catches the sexy scent of Lisa Delaney, he's hers, body and soul and ready to risk both on an erotic desire that will shatter all boundaries.

Kelon intends to return to his pack after helping Donovan, but he never counted on the voluptuous distraction of Robin Delaney. She's the one woman who can make him contemplate a choice no werewolf should have to make.

Wyatt can't afford to be attracted to the practical, completely human Heather Delaney. But she isn't a woman a man ignores no matter what the cost


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