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April 1, 2014

Movie Review: Band of Angels

Stars: Clark GableYvonne De Carlo, and Sidney Poitier

Movie Blurb: Amantha Starr was born and raised by a doting father on a Kentucky plantation in the years before the Civil War she thought she was the perfect southern belle. However things in Amantha's life spiral completely down hill when at her father's death she learns that her mother was in fact a slave and that she, too now is to be sold into servitude as a common slave. Amantha soon finds herself in New Orleans where she is put on the auction block and bought by Hamish Bond. Things get even worse for both she and Hamish when the Civil War breaks out.

Review: This is one of those rare movie gems that many have never even heard of. It grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go. 

It is a captivating story about a young southern belle who was raised on a plantation in KY with everything that a young girl of privilege could ask for. Her father completely adores and dotes on her and she has known nothing but a life of ease that is until the death of her father. That is when everything that Amantha has ever known becomes unraveled and she is pitched headlong into a nightmare. It is cruely and heartlessly revealed that Amantha's mother was in fact a slave and although she looks white she is half black. Her father was deeply engrossed in debt unbeknownst to Amantha and most of his assets are having to be sold to pay his debts. And because of her mixed blood she too is seen as part of his "property" and is to be sold like all of the other slaves that he owned. 

She is forcefully removed from her home and sent to New Orleans where she is put up on the auction block like any other common slave. Amantha's being a very beautiful young woman and being able to pass for white means that she is a much sought after prize for whomever wins the bid for her. When the lears and calls for all of the "merchandise" to be shown so that they can know what they are bidding on begins Amantha is horrified and completely shamed. Enter Hamish Bond who quickly starts the bidding and outbids everyone else paying an amazingly exorbient price for her. When he takes her to his home naturally Amantha expects the worst. What she finds is a man haunted by his own past who doesn't try to force himself on her and showers her with kindnesses that most would never even think of giving a slave. However nice Hamish appears to be he still bought and paid for her and Amantha doesn't know if she can ever get past that no matter how handsome and generous a master he is he is still just that...her master.

The Civil War soon breaks out and things get more difficult for both Hamish and Amantha. Also Hamish's past could be an insurmountable obstacle for their fledgling love. 

Are these two lost souls destended to be together or will the Civil War claim them both as it has countless others. 

Both Clark Gable and Yvonne De Carlo are wonderful in this film. Their chemistry leaps off the screen and you can't help but root for them. Sidney Poitier also appears as Rau-Ru another of Hamish's slaves who though Hamish has lavished on him and treated him more like a son that a slave Rau-Ru still harbors a deep resentment and even hatred for him as his master. 

It truly is a diamond in the rough and one not to be missed if you enjoy period movies with romance and a touch of action thrown in for good measure.  

Several classic movie kisses and embraces. More adult situations are implied throughout the movie but none are ever shown that would be inappropriate for younger viewers. I think they simply wouldn't understand what was being referring too. 


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