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In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

1 John 4:9

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June 25, 2014

Book Review: Homecoming by Jill Marie Landis

BLURB: Jill Marie weaves an unforgettable story about a young woman adrift in two worlds, and her courageous journey to discovery, belonging, and love.

Tell me who I am, Tell me where I belong. I am a woman without a name, without a home…

For the first time, Eyes-of-the-Sky prayed to the white man’s God. One look in the mirror told her she was not a Comanche…yet she remembered no other life. She watched the whites who had taken her after her “rescue,” the mother, Hattie, and her handsome son, Joe, and wondered what her life had been like before her childhood abduction. She looked at Joe, who had suffered much and forgave little, and knew a longing in her heart.

But questions remained: What am I? Who am I?

REVIEW: This book is a first for Jill Marie Landis in the Inspirational Genre I have long been a fan of her romances and I have eagerly been awaiting the release of her new novels. She has not disappointed here with Homecoming. Kidnapped by the Comanche Indians when she was a child Eyes of Sky lived a happy and content life among her captures. The Comanche way is all she can remember, but her tranquil world is destroyed in one horrible day when the dreaded Blue Coats of the US Calvary ride into her tribes encampment and kill and burn their way through until nothing is left.

Eyes of the Sky expected to be murdered by the whites like the rest of her family but one look in her blue eyes and she is swept away from the world of everything she knows and thrust into the foreign world of the whites.

Hattie Ellensburg and her son Joe are the sole survivors of a vicious Comanche attack on their ranch home near Glory Texas. Hattie who was ravaged and nearly scalped during the attack is now left scarred and dealing with the deaths of her beloved husband and little daughter. She has turned to God for her refuge in this storm of life but her son Joe is a very different story.

Joe (who was away at the time of the attack) can not forget that night or forgive himself for not being there to help his family and save his mother from the savages that attacked the Rocking E. Now they are outcasts from their neighbors and all the people of Glory who look down upon the scarred Hattie as a tainted woman. Joe has turned his back on God and almost everyone else and is a bitter young man with nothing but hatred in his heart for all the Comanche. So when they are unexpected asked to take in the rescued Comanche girl Eyes of the Sky until her family can be located the Ellensburgs are brought face to face with the demons of their past.

Hattie sees in Eyes of the Sky the path that just might heal the wounds of them all from that terrible night. She sees the girl as a gift from God and she hopes that caring for the abducted young woman might begin to chip away at the ice that has so hardened her son’s heart.

Joe who was so against taking in the Indian girl soon finds himself drawn to her not only for her beauty but for her spirit and her courage.

Eyes of the Sky soon cares deeply for the Ellensburgs who have taken her in and taught her so much. But she agonizes over the loss of her Comanche brothers and sisters. And she is torn between the two worlds that she is from. Will she find out who she truly is and where she belongs?

Can Hattie and Joe find salvation and the desire and live again in helping this lost and confused young woman? Will love be able to heal all of the broken pieces of these three broken souls?

This inspiring story is one that you shouldn't miss! I can’t remember when a story left me feeling more uplifted and made my spirit soar as I read of the plights of these amazing characters that Ms. Landis has created. The story touched me deeply on many levels and it teaches that no matter how low life’s circumstances bring us, that there is always hope, and that it can come from the most unexpected places when we least expect it. This is a truly outstanding story of Faith, Love, and Courage that you won’t soon forget. Anyone who loves a great story of the old west and believes in God will love this one! I highly recommend this wonderful book for anyone!

There should be more books like this and I hope to see more from Ms. Landis like this in the future!


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