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June 26, 2014

Book Review: Tempting the Prince by Patricia Grasso

Book 2 of the Flambeau Sisters
Book 5 of the Kazanov Series

BLURB: Beautiful Belle Flambeau relishes her independence even as she dreams of a family of her own. When a vicious attack leaves her with an ugly scar, Belle retreats from society, her hopes of love and courtship dashed. Yet the darkly handsome, wounded stranger who seeks shelter on her property seems intent on proving otherwise, beginning a seduction that is slow, delicious, and utterly scandalous...

Prince Mikhail Kazanov wants - nay, needs - a loving, nurturing wife, not one of the shallow, empty-headed fortune hunters vying for his attentions. Drawn to Belle, Mikhail uses subterfuge to woo her. But though their heated attraction explodes into sensual bliss, the truth drives Belle away - and into danger's path. Now, as an enemy makes his violent intentions known, Mikhail must find a way to win Belle's trust again. For with their love - and her life - at stake, he cannot afford to fail...

REVIEW:  Belle Flambeau is a scarred woman both figuratively and now unfortunately literally. Her world is forever changed when a man attacks her in her own home and slashes her face leaving her scarred for life. After her beauty if permanently blemished her rat of a fianc‚e cries off and Belle is convinced that all of her hopes of a family of her own now lie in ruin. What she needs is a handsome and good-hearted prince to see past her scarred visage and love the woman beneath. and fate is about to bring her just what she needs.

Prince Mikhail Kazanov needs a wife! And his four-year-old daughter desperately longs for a mother since the death of his wife a year ago. Yet he cringes at the advances of the empty headed (and empty hearted) society women that are practically coming out of the woodworks in pursuit of him and his royal title. When his friend and business associate the Duke of Inverary's daughter catches his eye sitting solemnly in a garden looking so lonely and forlorn he is immediately enchanted with her. He soon devises a plan that will tell him what kind of woman she truly is and once he meets the good hearted and gentle and nurturing Belle he knows he has found the woman who will heal his heart and fill his home with love and happiness. But can Mikhail convince Belle that she is so much more than just a scarred woman but the woman is in truth the woman of his dreams?

This is the first book I have read in this series, but I can safely say it will not be my last. I was completely enthralled in this book from the very beginning and was actually sad to see it end. It has everything great and memorable characters that you will fall in love with and intrigue and adventure as well. For there is also a serial killer within their midst and can they find the Slasher's true identity before he strikes much to close for home? Wonderful and again I commend Ms. Grasso for her big hearted and loveable main characters Belle and Mikhail you just don't see enough of this type of characters anymore. Tempting the Prince is a keeper and I am looking forward to more in this series (and will be going back to find the ones I have missed so far as well.)


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