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June 25, 2014

The Most Overrated Romance Movies of all Time

There are some romance movies that every movie list seems to praise as the best. Some are worthy and some well simply aren't. Now I know it's all a personal opinion game but honestly some of the premises of some of these "romances" in some of the most critically acclaimed films seem to me anything but romantic.

Some movies that repeatedly show up on the romantic lists to me shouldn't even be listed as romance movies in the first place. Just because two people are together in a movie is not what classifies it as a romance film, or at least it shouldn't. And yet that seems to be some people's criteria for a romantic movie (in a few it doesn't even have to be a romance with humans to classify) I will digress there because going further causes my head to start hurting so without further ado here is my list of some of the most overrated romance movies of all time in my humble opinion.

*Some I will add a small snippet of why I think they are highly overrated. Some are so bad they literally speak for themselves.*

Love Actually
This shows up on practically every best romance list out there. I still for the life of me can't figure out why. If you think a bunch of dysfunctional people hoping for love is romantic then maybe, if not then EH not so much. There are a couple of short ones in there that were passable, but the one most people mention is the one where the guy waits until after the girl of his dreams gets married and then he decides to go over to her house and hold up cue cards saying how he feels about her... ah ooook I guess I just don't get it and never will. 

This one makes it to at least the top ten if not the top spot on so many of the lists it's hard to count. Again...I do not for the life of me see why. The "romantic" couple are of course Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Bergman is cheating on on her husband ...(whom she readily admits is an all around wonderful and widely known great humanitarian) with Bogart's character. Tell me how that's romantic? Answer honestly if it were your husband or wife cheating on you with someone else how great a romance would that be to you??? Also the entire film for the most part is boring in the extreme. I will never understand this ever being seen as the best of anything let alone the most romantic film of all time. 

Jane Eyre
There have been countless remakes of this one but you can just pick all of them or one they are all the same to me. Even though I can see this one a little bit as to why people think its a romance...what I can not get over is how awful he treats Jane throughout the story. The major thing also being that he didn't tell her that he was already married and she has to find out this by being humiliated at the alter by the news. That to me was the part I couldn't get past. What a complete and utter jerk! Why would anyone want her to end up with that? He didn't care about anything accept what he wanted and he was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Frankly Jane deserved a lot better than that. 

Valentine's Day
Do not waste your time with this one it was so bad it was almost laughable.

The Fly 
Yes I kid you not...don't believe me do a quick internet search of the best romantic movies and it shows up on several of them. The Incredible Hulk loved Betty too but I wouldn't list it as a romance movie...

Bonnie and Clyde
 Ah homicidal maniac love maybe...but romantic ah no not really.

Doctor Zhivago
I don't get it I've seen it several times and maybe pretty good as historical drama
but romance no. Le Mis it's not.

Harold and Maude
Ahhh no just no.

True Romance
  Here again people must think homicidal maniacs are romantic somehow???

A Street Car Named Desire
Abuse, rape, and mental breakdowns are romantic how exactly?

Body Heat
Yet again homicidal people are romantic how?

The English Patient
Historical drama I can understand. Again adulterous affairs isn't romantic to me.

The Reader
Statutory rape is romantic how?

Some Like It Hot
Comedy I can understand romantic movie not really.

King Kong
Now this one just hurts my head it's almost as bad as The Fly. I guess we are moving into ape love now evidently? AH noooo. Ol Yeller loved his boy but I don't see that listed as a romance and right so people.

Again no

The Postman Always Rings Twice
So seducing a dude to kill your husband for you is romantic how exactly?

Basic Instinct
This one just killed me when I saw it listed on several of the romantic lists. Really? Just Really??? It would be about as romantic as Fatal Attraction which shockingly yes also made it on one or two lists.

Indecent Proposal
Again nooooooo just no.

*I have come to the conclusion that it is truly scary what some people consider romance.*

What are some of the most overrated or unbelievable "romance" movies to you?


  1. Hi, Jen! This is a great idea for a post! I do agree with you on most of these -- I haven't seen them all -- except for two: "Casablanca" and "Jane Eyre". And I'll tell you why.

    In "Casablanca" Bergman's character thought her husband had been killed in the war when she first met Bogart. In fact, when she found out that her husband was still alive, she left Bogart. (I don't remember the characters' names.) Years later, she and Bogart meet again, in Casablanca. Bogart is very bitter, and she finally tells him why she left. Okay, she does want to run off with Bogart when she meets up with him again, but he does the right thing and convinces her to stay with her husband. So this film is great precisely because it involves doing the right thing, in spite of how one feels. Had this movie been made nowadays, the two leads would have gone off together, and who cares about the husband? The characters end up doing he right thing, even though they both love each other passionately. I find this movie to be a great moral example.

    As for "Jane Eyre", yes, Edward Rochester was initially a jerk, but the whole point is that, because of his love for Jane, he changes completely. Jane actually transforms him from a brooding, self-centered man who is intent on getting his own way, into a man who is able to love a woman without trying to control her. And this, too, is an example of morality, since Jane leaves him in order to avoid becoming his mistress, even though she loves him deeply. Both of them love each other passionately, but Rochester's love is flawed by selfishness. Jane shows him that love needs to be of the highest type -- a love that follows the moral laws of God.

    Well, there you have my two cents! Or maybe it's more like a dollar, right? Lol.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Good points and I agree with you on several of them however...Bergman's character as you said did decide to go with Bogie in the end IF he would have agreed she more or less threw herself at him even though she "loved and respected" her husband. If that's love I would hate to see hate lol. I give kudos to Bogie a tiny bit for doing the right thing overall and telling her to go with her husband but he also made out with her knowing she's a married woman. So I can't say he took the total high ground either ultimately. If that had been my spouse smooching all over another person I'd say see ya...and don't let the door hit your sorry rear on the way out!

    As for Jane Eyre true Jane did make him a better man and that's great but it doesn't change what he did. I so wouldn't even consider staying with someone who took me to the alter and then humilated me in front of everyone by having to admit he was a selfish adulterous jerk who was already married. Glad that Jane left him I just think she shoudn't have gone back for more afterward. Forgiveness absolutely forgive him but that doesn't mean you have to go back to him and marry him in the end after his wife finally is dead. Jane was a good character I genuinely liked her that's why I think she deserved SO much better than him. :)

    That's just my take on it. :)


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