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July 8, 2014

Book Review: A Scotsman in Love by Karen Ranney

BLURB:  Margaret Dalrousie was once willing to sacrifice all for her calling. The talented artist would let no man interfere with her gift. But now, living in a small Scottish cottage on the estate of Glengarrow, she has not painted a portrait in ages. For not even the calming haven in the remote woods can erase the memories that darken Margaret's days and nights. And now, with the return of the Earl of Linnet to his ancestral home, her hopes of peace have disappeared.

From the first moment he encountered Margaret on his land, the Earl of Linnet was nothing but annoyed. The grieving nobleman has his own secrets that have lured him to the solitude of the Highlands, and his own reasons for wanting to be alone. Yet he is intrigued by his hauntingly beautiful neighbor. Could she be the spark that will draw him out of bittersweet sorrow—the woman who could transform him from a Scotsman in sadness to a Scotsman in love?

REVIEW: Karen Ranney is one of those brilliant authors that sweeps you away from the present world into the lives of her outstanding characters (and believe me you enjoy every minute of it)! In A Scotsman in Love we meet two beautiful souls who have lost their way and they both feel their very meaning to live. Margaret Dalrousie thought that she had it all she had been the “Darling” of the Imperial Russian Court. She was famous for being a brilliant and ultra talented portrait artist. Now everything has changed after she is the victim of a terrible assault she has lost everything she held dear. Her position in society and worst of all her art as well as any hope of future commissions. Margaret is devastated and she goes home to Scotland hoping to recover both mentally and physically from her ordeals and try to find some fragments of herself. Margaret is unexpectedly given Blackthorne Cottage, which happens to be on Glengarrow ( a once grand and now floundering and yet hauntingly beautiful estate ) The Cottage was given to her by a mysterious benefactor who she was told was very impressed by her talent. Margaret walks the grounds contemplating the turns in her life and praying that she can get her life and her beloved art back. Little did she know that fate was about to bring her more than she was praying for…

Glengarrow is owned by Robert McDermott the elusive Earl of Linnet who’s extended period abroad (three long years) has lead to the estate’s decline and many questions of why he has stayed away so long… But when he suddenly reappears can he bring with him a renewal of more than just the estate with his handsome and commanding figure. But Robert has lost everything he held dear in his absence… the deaths of his beloved wife and daughter in a tragic carriage accident that almost took his own life as well. He has returned to fulfill his duties to his lands and his people but he is a shadow of the man he was before haunted by his loss.

But when love suddenly comes calling Robert and Margaret may just find that the answer and the healing of the soul is within their grasp and in each others arms…

I thoroughly loved this book the characters are so vivid and both haunted and suffering from tragedies that have left them in the darkest places of their lives. I love how their feelings for each other heal them both and if your like me a hopeless romantic this is one of those truly feel good romances that you will fly through. Mrs. Ranney’s writing is poetic and infinitely romantic. You don’t want to miss this one!!! It’s simply wonderful!



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