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July 23, 2014

Movie Review: Chance at Romance

Starring: Erin Krakow, Ryan McPartlin, Patricia Richardson
Directed by: Bradford May

BLURB: Ever the romantic, Samantha "Sam" Hart is optimistically trying to find her Prince Charming on a white horse, even if that means going on bad date after bad date. After making eye contact at one of his shows, Sam initiates an online relationship with photographer Heath Madsen. Sam is later shocked when she receives a plane ticket to visit Heath. But when she arrives for her romantic weekend, Sam learns that her online relationship was actually created by Heath's 12 year-old son, and his longtime housekeeper May. Even worse, her visit is a complete surprise to Heath, who is busy struggling to find inspiration for his upcoming photo exhibit and coping with the pressure from his pushy manager, Celeste Jeffers-Johnson. Now stuck on a romantic vacation with her non-boyfriend, could an actual relationship between Heath and Sam be their destiny?

REVIEW: Chance at Romance is a made for the Hallmark Channel movie. It was originally entitled “Friend Request” but I guess they decided Chance at Romance would bring in a lot more viewers… I would say they are right on that one. It stars Erin Krakow (When Calls the Heart) as Samantha Hart who works at a coffee shop and longs for something more and just like many other women is searching for mister right. When Sam happens by a gallery showing photos by photographer Heath Madsen she is first drawn in by his beautiful photos but when she spots the man behind the lens she is instantly smitten. So when she gets home she visits his website wanting to learn more about the sexy photographer. While there she sends him an email saying how much she loved his photos. When “he” emails back the two start up a correspondence…the only problem is that the “he” that has been emailing Sam back is not Heath but his 12 year old son Donny.

Donny really likes Sam and thinks that she would be perfect for his Dad who has been alone since his mom died. So he posing still as his Dad asks Sam to come and be his guest at an upcoming show of his photos at a local gallery. When Sam agrees and travels the long way to Heath’s home she has a big shock when she arrives and Heath has no clue who she is. But Heath is drawn to Sam and asks her to please accept his sincere apologies and stay for the art show. Sam reluctantly agrees and the two begin to talk and hit it off royally much to the delight of Donny. Before long it is like Sam has always been a part of their lives and Donny is very much hoping that she will stay forever. But Heath's conniving promoter has her eye on Heath for herself and stirs up all the trouble she can for them. Will Sam and Heath end up together or will circumstances rip apart their chance at romance?

You definitely need to watch this one to find out! I loved this movie it had a lot of heart, great acting by all, and I hated to see it end. That is always the sign of a great movie. Oh and you also get to see Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement as Heath's housekeeper and Jean Louisa Kelly from Yes Dear as Sam's sister. I plan on getting this one when it's available on DVD to add to my own collection.


This one is fine for the entire family. Only sweet kisses here nothing heavy at all. 


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