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August 29, 2014

Book Review: The Courtesan's Wager by Claudia Dain

Book 3 in the Courtesan Series

BLURB: If Lady Amelia is to marry before another Season passes, she'll need help from infamous courtesan-turned- matchmaker Sophia Dalby. But Amelia is shocked when Lady Dalby informs her that they'll hold interviews for the post of husband-and only dukes need apply.

The plan may ruffle some feathers, but that doesn't keep the men from lining up, especially once the hopeful bride-to-be rejects one eligible duke after another. Only Lord Cranleigh shuns the proceedings, setting his own course of action. But convincing the lady to pursue different interests leads to even more outrageous behavior. Lady Dalby is delighted-and the ton is abuzz: Will Amelia become a duchess, or will other desires consume her?

REVIEW: The Courtesan’s Wager is book three in Claudia Dain’s fabulous Courtesan series. With the infamous Lady Sophia Dolby at the helm you know you are in for a fun romp through the elite of London! This time Sophia is asked to play matchmaker for Lady Amelia Caversham, she is the daughter of the duke of Aldreth and she is looking to get her man! Amelia insists that she is only in the market for no less than a Duke for her future husband. 

Amelia has always put forth the perfect image making certain that she always acted as a lady and the daughter of a Duke should before all. However her outstanding attention to decorum hasn’t earned her many admirers in the two seasons she has been out. So Amelia has thrown caution to the preverbal winds and is betting it all on the wiles and wit of the dubious Sophia Dalby. With her guidance how can she possibly fail?   Whatever Amelia had been expecting it was not what she is faced with when Sophia pronounces that Amelia is compiling a “List” of would be husbands and only Dukes need apply. Soon the ton is abuzz about the infamous “List” and with only two eligible Dukes and Lord Iveston who is next in line for the Dukedom from his Father the Duke of Hyde, the three candidates seem to be set in stone. But as is the case when Sophia is involved all things never are quite what they seem. Soon there is competition aplenty to be added to the LIST by more than just dukes. And Iveston’s brother Lord Cranleigh (who has a history with Amelia that few know about) is adamant that his brother will not be snared in Amelia and Sophia’s net!

Cranleigh is appalled that Amelia would stoop to such an outrageous. But could it be that his anger could be more driven by his own feelings for Amelia? Cranleigh will never be a duke and so he is not eligible to be on Amelia’s List but could he find a way to make Amelia forget her desire for a Duke altogether? The delightful angst and competition and all out drama that unfolds in this wonderful tale will keep you glued to the pages till the last. 

I have enjoyed every book of Ms. Dain’s Courtesan series, it is definitely not your normal regency and I say that in the best possible way. Ms. Dain breathes wonderful life and titillating prowess into her stories. It’s full of wit and drama galore, I love watching as Sophia skillfully pulls the strings on the main players. The characters are outstanding and it’s great to see the ones we have seen in the previous two books back and being active players in the story. It’s simply delicious from the first page to the last. Though this one didn’t have quite as much heat to it as the two previous books, (that is why I didn’t give it quiet as high a score as the previous books) there were many situations being set up that point to the next installment being a fun and exciting tryst for all. You don’t ever know what Sophia has up her sleeve and I personally can’t wait to see what she stirs up next time!

I highly recommend this fabulous series to all who love a fun and romantic read. Don’t miss it darlings!


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