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August 5, 2014

Book Review: Must love Kilts by Allie Mackay

Book 5 in the Ravenscraig Legacy series

BLURB: Margo Menlove loves everything Scottish-especially the legendary warrior hero Magnus MacBride. But while exploring in the Highlands she picks up a magical stone on the shore, and awakens to the sight of MacBride himself. And the reality may be much more dangerous-and passionate-than her dreams could ever be.

REVIEW: Must love Kilts is the fifth book in Allie MacKay’s fabulous series of Scottish Ghosts and the time traveling women who fall in love with them! And just look at that cover if that doesn't make you drool something is very wrong with you!

This is the story of Margo Menlove (she is the sister of Mindy the heroine from Some Like it Kilted for those of you who are fans of the series you will remember her I’m sure) Margo was born a Scotophile - she lives breathes and eats anything to do with Scotland! And it has been her lifelong dream to finally be able to go to that enchanted, beautiful, and rugged land that seems to be part of her very soul. When Margo comes across a book about myths and legends from Scotland she of course can’t resist looking through it and that is when she first sees Magnus MacBride. Magnus is a braw and handsome Scottish Warrior known as the Viking Slayer from the 13th Century. And from the second that she sees him he fires her imagination and her dreams even more because they seem to connect even from the pages of the book. From then on Margo starts to have what seem to be very real dreams or visions about the sexy Highlander. But surely a man as magnificent and sexy as Magnus could only exist in dreams…

Margo finally gets her greatest wish when she wins a raffle for a trip and tour package to Scotland from Wee Hughie MacSporran and Heritage Tours. What she didn’t plan on was that Heritage Tours break neck itinerary and tour schedule would not allow her to experience the beauty and majesty of the land that she has so dreamed of all her life in the way that she had longed for. So one night Margo sneaks away from the rest of her tour group to goes to the beach and have some time to herself…to enjoy the land that she loves the way that she wanted to all along. When she picks up a strange looking stone on the beach she suddenly finds herself on the same beach but in broad daylight standing in the middle of an all out battle between very real Highland Warriors and Vikings! To top it all off she’s stark naked and standing before her staring back at her is none other than Magnus MacBride in all his raging battle stained glory!

Magnus has been having visions of Margo as well because of the curse put on him by a witch after he killed her brother for his part in the murder of Magnus’ fiancĂ©. The witch cursed Magnus that he would forever burn for a woman that he would never be able to have. But he never thought that the woman in his heated visions was actually real, just a vision of perfection to torture him. Then suddenly here they are face to face and they are both very real indeed. But she is from the modern world and he from the distant past. How can they have a future together even if they can somehow overcome the evil magic and dangers that are all around them?

Can Margo and Magnus find true love despite all the obstacles against them? Or will the curse be strong enough to keep them apart forever?

Allie MacKay (who many of you already know is Sue Ellen Welfonder’s pen name) is a woman who truly loves Scotland in real life with all of her heart and it shines through in each and every one of her books. You almost feel that you have actually visited Scotland yourself after reading her books because of her vivid descriptions and the realistic scenes that she paints with her words. I have loved Allie Mackay’s books from the first time I picked up book one. And if you love a good time travel/ paranormal romance full of passion, love that transcends time and space, and sexy Highlanders then you will love Allie MacKay’s books too and you owe it to yourself to go and get them today! :)


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