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August 7, 2014

Book Review: Silk Dreams by Mia Marlowe

BLURB: In a strange land of flashing swords and swirling silks, spicy aromas and hot breezes that feel like a lover’s breath, Valdis is utterly lost. It’s all so different from her home in the Northlands. And the harem she’s forced to enter is more treacherous than a winter gale.

Her family cast her away for the strange "falling sickness" that stalks her, but they were doubly suspicious about her visions of the future. Now her glimpses of tomorrow turn more ominous. They foretell the death of the one man who could help her escape—Erik, an exiled Viking who braves the wrath of a kingdom to waken her to passion, one sinful pleasure at a time. Erik and Valdis must play a high-stakes game of power and seduction or they'll never have hope of living out her . . . Silk Dreams.

REVIEW: If you like to feel like you can open the pages of a book and be literally pulled into the story to the extent you can see, smell, and almost taste everything that is going on this is a book for you. Mia Marlowe is truly a master at putting you in the eyes and heart of her characters. Feel all the emotions along with them throughout this wonderful and page turning book. I thoroughly enjoyed Silk Dreams. From the very beginning the plight and strength of Valdis pulled at my heartstrings.

Sold into slavery by her own family, the beautiful young Norsewoman is thrown into an entirely new world literally when she is sold to the highest bidder (a crafty and high standing eunuch) in exotic Constantinople. Everything is different than the free and peaceful existence she knew in her native home of Scandinavia. She can't even speak the language of her new captures and because of this fact a fellow Northman is brought in by her new owner to teach her how to speak in the native Greek tongue. But from the moment Valdis and Erik's eyes meet they both knew that they would learn far more than mere language from their time together.

Erik is a Centurion and has sworn and oath of allegiance to the Emperor. Now he has been summoned from his troops to play tutor to a woman slave of a Eunuch no less on command from his superior. Erik is less than happy about the situation until he meets the woman and finds it is the same beautiful witch of a woman that entranced him on the auction block. Fate has brought them together again but will it also rend them both apart. Or can these two lost souls find true happiness and the home that they both long for in shelter of each others arms?

Rich in both historical fact and lore this one will keep you thoroughly entertained and guessing till the very end. It's not your typical historical romance and that's actually a very good thing in this case! I strongly advise you to pick this one up it's great!


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