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September 16, 2014

Book Review: Enticing The Prince by Patricia Grasso

Book 6 of the Kazanov Series

BLURB: The daughter of Moscow's most celebrated jeweler, Katerina Pavlova has inherited a keen eye for gems. But when the whims of a wealthy prince bring tragedy to the Pavlovas, Katerina flees Russia with her family's fortune. Once in London, the beguiling Katerina reinvents herself as the Contessa de Salerno, a beautiful, mysterious aristocrat with a talent for making dazzling jewelry. Soon, every lady in London desires one of her glittering creations-while every man desires the Countess herself.

Prince Drako Kazanov is one of the men who longs to seduce the Contessa. But Katerina is convinced that Drako is the man behind her family's downfall and she's determined to exact vengeance. When Drako learns Katerina's true identity, he promises secrecy for a price-her complete surrender to their mutual attraction. Katerina has no choice but to become Drako's mistress … a role she finds more pleasurable than she ever imagined. But when an unseen enemy tries to kill both her and Drako, Katerina must choose between her life-and her newfound love.

REVIEW: This is another book in Ms. Grasso’s fabulous Kazanov series (and for those of you that love the Flamebeau sisters they are major players as well!) The stars of this novel are the handsome and VERY enticing Prince Drako and the beautiful and mysterious Katerina Garibaldi the Contessa De Salerno.

Katerina is an immensely talented jeweler who has taken London by storm when her creations are quickly purchased and displayed on the person of the influential upper crust of the ton, including her grace the duchess of Inverary. Though lovely beyond measure the Contessa is quite the mystery about town as no one seems to know much about her past and as no special gentlemen have been fortunate enough to snag her attentions so far. Little do they all know indeed how much of a true mystery Katerina Pavlova (her real name) truly is for she hides a past that continues to haunt and drive her in search of the man who destroyed her family. 

From the moment that Prince Drako Kazanov (the Dragon Prince) lays eyes on the beautiful Contessa he is determined to not only have her but also uncover every one of the secrets surrounding her. The Prince commissions several pieces of fine jewelry to be made by the Contessa and it isn’t long before the sparks a plenty start to fly between the two.

The handsome prince intrigues Katerina, but she has her duty and her oath to fulfill and she vows not to let feelings get in the way of her mission. But can love and desire truly be kept at bay? Will his interest in her uncover truths that could destroy she and her daughter, or could the Dragon Prince be her own dashing prince on a white steed come to rescue her from it all?

Will the two find in each other the answer to many of their own secrets and the joy that could heal both of their troubled lives?

I loved this book from start to finish Ms. Grasso has a way of writing that is so vivid and enjoyable that once you start you just can’t put it down. I enjoyed so much seeing many of my favorite Kazanov’s and the feisty and eccentric Flamebeau sisters make a return in this wonderful novel. Ms. Grasso’s books are different that the typical regency genre and she has created a world in which no one could possibly find anything to be bored about even in the stuffy confines of upper class society. This series is one not to be missed a true treasure don’t miss it!


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