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September 15, 2014

Book Review: MacGowan's Ghost by Cindy Miles

BLURB: Gabe MacGowan-a sexy, brooding, guilt-ridden widower and father to mischievous seven-year old Jake-is the proprietor of Odin's Thumb Inn and Pub in a misty Scottish seaside village. He decides to sell the inn and move, not only to give his son a more stable environment, but to escape the ghosts who haunt him-in particular his dead wife.

Gabe hires Allie Morgan, an easy-going and fun-loving American, to oust the spirits who are chasing away potential buyers. Odin's Thumb is bustling with frightened tourists, quirky residents of the village, and dodgy yet lovable apparitions-including the ghost of a sea captain who fancies Allie. Allie knows she can help Gabe chase away his own ghosts, but can she help him rediscover life-and love?

REVIEW: Allie Morgan leads anything but the conventional life after all what would you expect when you are a Ghostbuster? Well not technically a ghostbuster she prefers to be called more of a mediator between the living and the deceased. She has had more than her share of feisty spirits over they years but when she gets a call from the owner of a pub in the Northern Highlands of Scotland Allie is about to encounter her most interesting case of haunting to date. Not only does the owner want her to wrangle a lone spirit or two but a half a dozen eccentric and very determined ghostly souls!

Gabe MacGowan has reached his wits end. He is desperate to sell Odin’s Thumb and Pub at Sealladh na Mara but that is a mighty tall order indeed when you have wiley spirits just as determined to sabotage every perspective buyer that has the misfortune to come and look the pub over. As if his life needed any more complications. They are not the only spirits giving Gabe trouble… the spirit of his very troubled dead wife has been haunting his dreams and now she seems to be gaining more power and becoming more malevolent by the day. Gabe MacGowan is indeed about as haunted as a man can possibly be. He wants to make a fresh start with his little boy Jake and hopes that the spirit of his wife will not be able to follow them. So when he contacts American Allie Morgan to come and help with settle things with his ghosts he never figured on falling for the lively and caring lass. But from the moment they set eyes on each other the fates start to pull them closer and closer together.   What red-blooded woman in her right mind could resist a sexy drop dead honest to goodness highlander? (hey that accent alone would make any girl swoon) When Allie meets the brooding and mysterious Gabe MacGowan she can’t seem to get him out of her mind and he very quickly slips into her heart.

Allie sees in Gabe a soul in need of healing as any of the troubled spirits that surround him. And she is enchanted by everything and all the caring and lively souls living and dead in the breathtaking village of Sealladh na Mara. Yet the more she learns of the spirits that haunt Odin’s Thumb the more she questions if Gabe’s selling the pub is really the answer to his problems or would it be a huge mistake for him and his son. Little Jake begs Allie to heal his da’s soul and to not let him take them away from his beloved home and the ghostly family whom he has known and loved all his life. Can Allie bring balance between the living and the dead? Is the troubled spirit of Gabe’s dead wife Kaite a danger not only to him but a growing risk for their son as well? And is the growing feelings between Allie and Gabe the thing that could ultimately save them all? Or is “ghosts” of Gabe’s troubled past and Allie’s as well more than their fledgling love can stand? Pick it up today and find out you will be glad you did!

This is Cindy Mile’s fourth novel and it is a true delight to read from beginning to end. Allie and Gabe’s love story mixed in with the quirky and wonderful Ghosts of Odin’s Thumb are something that anyone who loves a good Highland Romance and or Paranormal romance will love to read. I personally hope to see the magnificent group of ghostly souls of Odin’s again! (Especially the very dashing and sexy Captain Justin Catesby.) A more delightful and mischievously wonderful bunch of ghosts has never hit the page of any book I’ve read. I have enjoyed all of Ms. Miles novels and it was extremely nice to see the Munroe’s back from “Highland Knight” in a cameo in this novel as well. Strong and troubled characters both the living and the dead make this one a joy to read and keeps you guessing what in the world or otherworld is going to happen next. I highly recommend this wonderful book and all of Cindy Mile’s books in fact she is a up and coming author that I believe who’s books will soon make their way on to many a keeper shelf.


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