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September 2, 2014

Book Review: Untamed by Pamela Clare

Book 2 in the MacKinnon Rangers Series

BLURB: When he awakens sweet passion in a convent-bred French lass, Morgan MacKinnon finds himself cursing the war that's forced him to choose between upholding his honor and pledging himself to the woman he loves.

REVIEW: This is the second book in Pamela Clare's outstanding Mackinnon Ranger series. Now I have long been a fan of Pamela Clare's novels and I loved the first Mackinnon Book Surrender but I have to say that this second one was even better than the first one in my humble opinion.

This is Morgan's story he now lead's the Mackinnon Rangers in place of his brother Iain whom we met and read his story in Surrender. When the Rangers are part of the British attack on the French at Fort Ticonderoga Morgan is seriously wounded and taken captive when he risks his life to save one of his fellow Rangers. When he awakes in a feverish daze and sees the face of an angel. Amalie Chauvenet prays fervently that this accursed war will end soon. Things have gone from bad to worse for her as she lost her mother years before she now has lost her beloved father in this latest British attack on the Fort. Amalie goes to help tend to the wounded and is taken aback by British Ranger who was captured during the fight. Nursing the handsome Morgan Mackinnon she soon realizes that she cannot hate this "enemy". It is more than his looks it is the man himself andÿthe way he looks at her that makes her heart beat faster with each glance.

As Morgan recovers he is soon placed in an even more complex situation when the French offer him the boon of being freed from captivity and the oppression of the British army that forced his service upon he and his brothers in the first place. All he has to do is swear allegiance to the French army and teach their forces in the famous fighting techniques of the famous Rangers. While this is a very attractive offer Morgan knows he cannot betray his brothers and his fellow kinsman and Rangers even for the prize of his own freedom. So he devises a dangerous plan that to play spy for the British by swearing allegiance to the French and planning to learn all he can about their battle plans and strategies and then to escape and make his way back to the Rangers with the valuable information he learns that could end the war sooner and save many lives on both sides in the process.

While he is walking this thin and dangerous line he never planned on one fact that he would loose his heart to the beautiful French lass who nursed him back to health. Amalie and Morgan soon find that the feelings between them cannot be denied but can their budding love survive Morgan's deception, and the war that has drawn clear lines between them and threatens to keep them apart forever?

This story had me from the first page Pamela Clare is a master storyteller who writes stories steeped in historical settings that are so vivid you feel you are walking alongside the main characters as you view the story through their eyes. This one has it all it is a story of honor, deception, loyalty, passion, duty, forgiveness, faith and above all love. The main characters are strong and beautifully matched they complete the other so perfectly. And if you were a fan of the first novel you see the main characters of that great book again in this one! It was so great to see Iain and Annie again as well as learning more about Morgan and Conner as well. The love scenes are just to die for and this story brought tears to my eyes more than once as well. I highly recommend this stirring and wonderful series to anyone who loves a good love story and if you are like me and a history buff you will really enjoy this unique and different setting this isn't your normal historical it's BETTER! I have never read a bad book by Ms. Clare (in fact every one of her books is on my permanent keeper self) if you see her name on it it's a guaranteed good read!


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