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September 24, 2014

I has a grumpy! Outlander not coming back til April 2015

YES I love Outlander have been a rabid fan of the series for over 15 years when I first found it. So when it FINALLY and I do mean FINALLY made it's way to the screen on Starz back on August 9th I was ecstatic!

And might I say that it has been utterly fabulous so far. The cast and crew have done a magnificent job to say the very least. I'm totally in love with Jamie and Claire all over again and this time I can actually see them! But today I opened my Facebook and see this graphic with an accompanying post saying we will be back April 4, 2015 and my heart literally sank!

They announced this like the fans would, and should be happy about this??? They had been saying that there would be a small mid season break... and then smack us in the face with this out of the blue! In what freaking universe is 6 months a little break? You don't get that much time off for having a BABY for gosh sakes. And they had teased us with ..."it will be early 2015" I heard this time and time again then WHAMO... ah that is NOT early 2015 by anyone's book that has a brain in their head that I know of.

This is about what I look like I has a major grumpy yes sir I sure do. 

I don't know about everyone else but I am majorly disappointed and yes I am a bit angry as I'm sure you can tell. GRRRRRRRR   I thought waiting until Jan. or Feb. was going to be rough now this! GOOD GRIEF. Pardon all the caps but I'm ticked.

Extremely bad decision Starz you will be lucky if you do't have a lot of people cancelling subscriptions till then and rightly so! It was just now getting to the major and most important part of the story (Jamie and Claire together) now you decide to leave it hanging for half a freaking year??? Let me say that one more time... HALF A YEAR! UGH I have to say never been more ticked about news over a show before ever! This is utterly ridiculous! Mid season "break" my foot! Why not call it a dang hiatus and have done with it. I don't blame the fabulous cast and director etc. in anyway I know they can't help it, but the Starz Network oms you guys are as big a sadists as Blackjack!


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