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September 12, 2014

Movie Review: Mom’s Night Out

Starring: Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton
Directed by:  Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin 

BLURB: All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and conversation... a long-needed moms’ night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation and food not served in a paper bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for three hours—what could go wrong?

REVIEW: I want to start out by saying that this movie is one of the absolute funniest movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I laughed so much during this one that I can't even tell you. ANY woman mother or not can relate to and will love this movie I would venture to say. And mom's aren't the only ones even my 15 year old son loved it. We have already watched it 3 times since I bought it. Yes it is that good! 

Sarah Drew who many might recognize from Grey's Anatomy plays - Allyson a young mother of 3 children who is doing her best to be the best mom she can. But try as she might she is stressed to the max, and can't seem to catch a break to save her life. She says that she is stress paralyzed at one point... and let me hasten to tell you YES that is a real thing! I've been there several times myself over the years. Allyson isn't the only one suffering from stress she sees it evident in several of her friends too...SO she and her best friend ( ) and the preacher's wife (Patricia Heaton) decide it's time for a Mom's Night Out! Just the ladies out on the town for one night to enjoy a much needed - quiet dinner and unwind a bit. What could possibly go wrong right?

Well the answer to that involves tattooed bikers, drunken deadbeats, the police, a car chase, a dead bird, many a misunderstanding, and much much more! It's a rip roaring load of family friendly hi-jinks and laughs that will have you rolling with laughter and even having a few tears in your eyes not from laughter as well. Ending with a good positive message ta boot. And p.s. Trace Adkins is nothing short of stellar as Bones ROFL loved him!

I thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend this one to anyone. It's awesome with a star studded wonderful cast, and it's CLEAN which is something that is extraordinarily rare these days.  This proves that yes you can be funny and completely clean at the same time! Wish more comedians and actors etc. would figure this out! 

5 big stars and it earned every one of them! Skip the rent and buy this one today!

Rated PG for mild thematic elements and some action

A couple of husband and wife kisses and cuddles totally kid friendly.


  1. Loved your review of Mom's Night Out. I think I'm definitely going to get a copy. Sounds like a lot of fun. Is there any other movie or TV show, you would compare it too? Perhaps, is it as funny as Everybody Loves Raymond???

    1. Thanks so much Net. :) Hmmm that's a tough one because personally I think it's much funnier than Everybody Loves Raymond and just about any other show or movie I can think of no kidding. :)


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