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In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

1 John 4:9

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The title actually stands for Romance with the page and screen so it's not just about romance alone but all kinds of movies and books. Though I will confess that my favorites always seem to be romances in some way ;)

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October 28, 2014

New Outlander Wallpapers

I made two more Outlander wallpapers. Feel free to download them for your personal use. If you repost them elsewhere all I ask is that you please post a link back here to my blog. Also if you like my work please give the blog a like and follow!
I would appreciate it. :)

Click on thumbnails of the wallpapers below to open the full sized wallpaper image. Right click and save the image to your own computer.

October 27, 2014

My Fancy Wee Kitty

I have to say one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life happened to me yesterday. And had I been able to have gotten a photo or better yet video I might have won some money off of it but of course that wasn't possible. Still have to tell you all about it because it truly was priceless. And proves there really is never a dull moment when you have cats. Now before I say what it was I have to tell you that what made it so funny was it was freaking PERFECT and happened totally by accident. I could not have ever gotten it that perfect had I literally tried. So that being said here is what happened...

I have been working on some jewelry for my new shop the last few days as I have mentioned a few times on here. I had been working on sealing a ton of little oval photos to put in the silver bezels to make Christmas ornaments with. The photos have to be sealed on both sides before they have resin put on them so they don’t mess up or bleed etc. So thinking I would save time I decided to just seal them all that I already had printed while I was at it. Then after they were dry store them until I need them. So I brushed them all down with sealer and set them out to dry, then moved on to a few I had that were already dry and started in mixing and pouring ice resin over those. Well during this process of course there were some drips and smears on my work table of resin. But I didn’t clean them up right then because they had landed on the cardboard liner I had set down so I could just pick it up and pitch it after everything was dry anyway. Hence how the next set of events was set up…

So I finished my resin pouring and all the ornaments I was going to make and decided to get online for a bit and browse etc. while they cured. After a while I see my cat Selene stroll in the room and I noticed there is something on her tail. I took one look and burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She had managed to get her tail into the tiny drops of resin that were spilled and had then evidently swished it across some of the drying sealed photos I had laying out to dry, and there hanging from her tail was a perfect oval photo of Claire from Outlander. It looked like a little pendant dangling on her tail about an inch from the end of her tail like someone had hung it there on purpose. I mean this couldn’t have been placed more perfectly had it been done on purpose.

I died laughing at the same time I rushed over to grab her and get the resin off before she tried to lick it. I was scared it might hurt her all though thank God it wasn’t much at all just one spot where the photo was hanging from. I continued to laugh- off and on for I don’t know how long after that about my “fancy” wee Outlander kitty. LOL

*I had btw thought she might get up there so I had put a piece of paper over the resin so she or Marco wouldn't get it on them. she had evidently moved it and got her tail in it as well* So she went through a bit to do this lol.

SO Selene is the very first one to wear any of my designs from my new shop! I have to say I was honored.

October 23, 2014

Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt Blog Tour and Giveaway


Falsely accused of murder and mute from a near-fatal beating, Apollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne has escaped from Bedlam. With the Crown’s soldiers at his heels, he finds refuge in the ruins of a pleasure garden, toiling as a simple gardener. But when a vivacious young woman moves in, he’s quickly driven to distraction...


London’s premier actress, Lily Stump, is down on her luck when she’s forced to move into a scorched theater with her maid and small son. But she and her tiny family aren’t the only inhabitants—a silent, hulking beast of a man also calls the charred ruins home. Yet when she catches him reading her plays, Lily realizes there’s more to this man than meets the eye.


Though a scorching passion draws them together, Apollo knows that Lily is keeping secrets. When his past catches up with him, he’s forced to make a choice: his love for Lily…or the explosive truth that will set him free.

Darling Beast Excerpt

He dropped his satchel and took up the shovel, sticking it into the base of one of the dead bushes, striking at the root mass. The blade only went halfway into the soil, so he jumped with both feet on the shoulders of the blade, driving it the rest of the way down. 

He could feel as the blade sliced through the roots and he grunted with satisfaction. He’d spent part of the previous night sharpening the shovel to do just that. Gingerly he began prying with the handle—too hard a movement and he’d snap it or worse, the iron blade itself. He’d already lost two shovels this spring.

“You don’t mind if I continue?” he heard Miss Stump ask. “It’s just that I need to finish writing this soon—very soon.”

He glanced up curiously at that, wondering at the worried line between her brows as she stared down at her manuscript. Makepeace had said she couldn’t getting acting work at the moment. 

Perhaps this was her only means of making money.

He shook his head in reply.

“I’m only in the third act,” she said absently. “My heroine has gambled away all her brother’s money because, well, she’s dressed as her brother.”

She glanced up in time to catch his raised eyebrows.

“It’s a comedy called A Wastrel Reform’d.” She shrugged. “A complicated comedy because right now no one knows who anyone is. There’s twins—a brother and sister—named Wastrel, and the brother has convinced his sister—her Christian name is Cecily—to pretend to be so that he might seduce Lady Pamela’s maid, and he’s engaged to her—Lady Pamela, not her maid.”

She took a breath and Apollo slowly smiled, because against all odds, he’d understood everything she’d just said.

Miss Stump grinned back. “It’s silly, I know, but that’s what comedy is, really—a lot of silly things happening, one after another.” She glanced down at her play, running her finger down the page. “So Cecily, dressed as Adam—that’s the brother—has lost terribly at a hand of cards to Lord Pimberly. Oh! That’s Fanny—the maid’s—father, and Lady Pamela’s scorned suitor. Although of course no one knows that Pimberly is Fanny’s father, otherwise she wouldn’t be a lady’s maid, now would she?”

Apollo leaned on his shovel and cocked an eyebrow.

“Kidnapped at birth, naturally,” she replied. “But fortunately, she has quite a distinctive birthmark. Right here.” She tapped the upper slope of her right breast.

Apollo defied any man not to follow the direction of her finger. She had quite a lovely breast, gently swelling above the severe square neckline of her dress and modestly covered by a filmy fichu.

“Yes, well.” Her husky voice made him raise his gaze. Her cheeks had pinkened, but that might’ve been the wind. “In any case, I’m writing a scene between Cecily and Lord Pimberly in which Pimberly demands his money and Cecily doesn’t have it. And naturally he’s begun to realize he’s attracted to her at the same time.”

She cleared her throat.

He nodded, messing a bit with his shovel to look as if he were still working. Actually, he was beginning to fear that the blade was stuck in the roots.

Miss Stump glanced at her manuscript and slipped back into what he now knew was Cecily—the sister dressed as her brother. “Do you judge a gentleman by his bits, my lord?”

She turned and placed her fists on her hips again, in the wide-legged stance. “Pardon me, but I said chits.”

Turn. Her hands dropped. “And yet, ’tis still your manly bits we discuss.” She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. “No?”

He screwed his mouth to the side and reluctantly shook his head.

“Blast!” she exclaimed under her breath, bending to the paper. She scratched out something and then froze, obviously thinking.

He wasn’t even pretending to work anymore.

She gasped and then hunched over her manuscript, scribbling furiously before straightening, a gleam of triumph in her eye.

She tossed her head as Cecily. “Indeed, and would you know a chit should you see one?”
Now she was a baffled Pimberly. “Naturally.”

“Oh, my lord?” She turned her head and looked over her shoulder through lowered lashes at the imaginary Pimberly, all daring flirtation. “And how is that, may I ask?”


How does a gentleman of your unsurpassed perception differentiate a chit from a bit?”

And she batted her eyelashes.

The juxtaposition between the ribaldry of her words and the innocence of her expression was so silly, so utterly enchanting, that Apollo couldn’t help it: he threw back his head and laughed.

DARLING BEAST is available in paperback, ebook, and audio book formats wherever books are sold.  Please feel free to include the following retailer links with your post:

Elizabeth Hoyt Bio

Elizabeth Hoyt is the New York TimesUSA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of historical romance, including reader favorite, The Raven Prince.

Elizabeth was born in New Orleans but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was fortunate to be able to travel extensively as a child, visiting St. Andrews, Scotland; Germany; France; and Belgium. She spent a year in Oxford, England and was a summer exchange student to Kawasaki, Japan.

Elizabeth has a BA in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and, as a result of having no clue what to do with her life thereafter, a career history as a barista, a (terrible) sales clerk, a Wisconsin Revenue Service data entry slave, and an archeological field work grunt. 

Fortunately, Elizabeth married relatively young and produced two children who kept her busy until her mid-thirties. At about this time, when her youngest was entering Kindergarten, Elizabeth’s mother hinted that perhaps Elizabeth should get a Real Job.

Sadly, Elizabeth was so delusional she thought writing a romance novel might qualify as a Real Job.

But! Five years later, to everyone’s surprise, she actually sold that romance novel (The Raven Prince) and began a rather successful career as a Romance Novelist. This was most fortunate since Elizabeth is singularly unqualified to do anything else but Make Up Stories.

Since then Elizabeth has written thirteen books to critical acclaim: The Prince Trilogy (The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, and The Serpent Prince); the Legend of the Four Soldiers series (To Taste Temptation, To Seduce a Sinner, To Beguile a Beast, and To Desire a Devil); and the Maiden Lane series (Wicked Intentions, Notorious Pleasures, Scandalous Desires, Thief of Shadows, Lord of Darkness, and the upcoming Duke of Midnight .) All of Elizabeth’s books are set in eighteenth century England and all feature a fairy tale story that serves as a foil to the main story.

Elizabeth lives in central Illinois with a pack of untrained canines and a garden in constant need of weeding.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

October 21, 2014

Upcoming reviews, blog tours, and new fanshop items.

Hello everyone so sorry to have again dropped off the radar for a while there. I have been so busy working on and getting my new shop up and running that I haven't had much free time for the last couple of weeks. I haven't and am not giving up on my blog here though so don't worry (if anyone cares that is LOL). And I will be back to blogging new book reviews and movie reviews in just a few days here God willing! :) I have the entire Outlander series of books that I am going to be doing reviews of as well as my reviews of all 8 episodes of the Outlander series on Starz! As well as movie reviews of Robocop, Civil Love, The Christmas Ornament and more!

I will be hosting a blog stop for Elizabeth Hoyt with her latest novel Darling Beast here on Thursday. Be sure not to miss it because you will have a chance to win one of 10 copies of Darling Beast as well!

Also more wallpapers coming very soon! So stay tuned for those! I know they have been very popular of late. And I want to thank you all for the compliments I have received and for sharing the news about my blog here. :)

Also I have a ton more products that will be available very very soon for sale of everything from Doctor Who, Outlander, Star Wars, The Notebook, Braveheart and much, much more! Including the launch of my little shop online where you can see the items available and pricing etc. for everything. I am also going to be offering special promotional packages for authors where I will custom design and hand make special bookmarks, pendants, magnets (these will include special embellishments that go alone with titles) and more for you and your readers to enjoy and promote your books with too! I do take requests for custom designs so please do contact me if you are interested. 

Well I have to run and get back to work but wanted to post really quickly to let you all know I am still alive no I haven't forgotten the blog and am not stopping it just been very busy. :) So for now I will hush but I leave you with the adorable reading kitty on the right just because he's so dang cute! Later everyone and have a great one! 

October 17, 2014

Fanshop Designs!

Here are the first designs I have finished for my fanshop. I will be making these into pendants, ornaments, magnets, charms, bookmarks, keychains and more!  If you see any you would like to order please contact me by either the contact page here on the blog or in the comments below. 

 *PLEASE NOTE that the watermarks and black outline will NOT appear on any final designs.*

You can see some of the settings I can put them in here...

and here... 

These are just the first designs I have finished many many more will be coming soon! I also will take requests for special designs, just contact me with what you would like!

October 12, 2014

Fan made bookmarks, jewelry, paperweights and more!

I want to run an idea I have been contemplating for a while now. I am seriously considering starting my own little shop where I will offer fan made bookmarks, necklaces, earrings, paperweights and other items inspired by and featuring Outlander, The Hunger Games, Dr. Who, Once Upon a Time and more themes. I would also take special requests of course from anyone's favorite shows or book series. All my own designs and making, all hand made by me (and possibly my son Stephen he's interested in my idea too). So I wanted to say would any of my friends be interested in anything like this? And any ideas of what you would like to see available for sale as well?

October 8, 2014

Book Review: Thirteen Candles by Cindy Miles

BLURB: Christian is a fierce Welsh Crusader who's vowed to wait for his true love, Emma, forever. Eight hundred years later, he's still walking the earth as a spirit, thanks to a mangled magic spell. Now, three witches are determined to bring Emma's and Christian's souls together for all eternity. But if they fail, Christian and Emma's love will be lost forever...

REVIEW: Thirteen Chances is the latest story by Cindy Miles. It’s Christian’s story. Christian de Gaultiers of Arrick by the Sea was a Welsh Crusader who lost his life during the Crusades in Jersualem. But his ghost is still on the earthly plain and bound. He is still yearning, for over 800 years, for his lost love.

Emma and Christian’s was the truest of loves and he vowed to love her forever, but due to her mistake in a spell that she tried to use to keep Christian safe in battle, Emma unwittingly doomed them both to an afterlife of loosing each other again and again and again. Every 72 years or so Emma is reincarnated (but doesn’t remember her past though her soul is the same) and Christian finds her each time and makes her remember their love, only to lose her to death again each time after she finally remembers leaving him devastated and alone all over again. Twelve times this has happened over the long centuries and each time it has taken its toll on Christian. It’s not only breaking only his heart but is leaving his soul in more pieces with each loss.

The Ballaster sisters (three white witches) are entrusted with the “case” of Christian and Emma. It is up to them to make sure that this thirteenth chance will break the spell and the vicious cycle that has kept the lovers apart. More is riding on it this time than any other time however, because if they fail this time Christian and Emma loose their last chance to be together forever…

Cindy Miles is an outstanding author and I have enjoyed each and every novel that she has put out so far. Thirteen Chances is no exception. Her medieval knights, pirates, spirits and the stories of their loves will have any paranormal romance fan sighing and longing for more! She knows how to pen stories that make you believe in the magic and beauty of not only love but in human nature. And those who have enjoyed her previous books are in for an even bigger treat with Thirteen Chances as it brings back all of the beloved main characters and some outstanding supporting characters. Captain Justin Catesby the piratical rogue is back in all his undead glory! making a visit in this one! It ties all of the previous stories in together and we get to see the Dreedmoors, the Conwyks, the Munroes and the McGowans all together! But even if you haven’t read the other books you don’t want to miss this one if you love a good romance story with a lot of magic, wonder, ghosts, and feel good fun mixed in! I always walk away from Ms. Miles books with a good feeling in my heart. As the last page is turned, I always find joy! I highly recommend Thirteen Chances it was a good read!

October 6, 2014

2 New Outlander Wallpapers

I made two more Outlander wallpapers. Yes I'm on a roll hehehe can't seem to help myself. Feel free to download them for your personal use. If you repost them elsewhere all I ask is that you please post a link back here to my blog.
 I would appreciate it.

Also if you like my work please give the blog a like and follow! :) 

Click on thumbnails of the wallpapers below to open the full sized wallpaper image. Right click and save the image to your own computer.

October 5, 2014

Tall Dark and Kilted by Allie Mackay

Book 3 in the Ravenscraig Legacy series

BLURB: A good man is hard to find. 

Cilla Swanner has been jilted by her lover, and she is struggling with a jewelry business that’s far from sparkling. She needs a getaway someplace quiet and remote. Someplace like Dunroamin Castle in Scotland, where her aunt and uncle run a retirement home in the majestic Highlands. But what she finds there may be more than she can handle. 

Or is it the other way around? 

Centuries ago, the roguish Scots knight known as Hardwick was renowned for his swordmanship, both on and off the battlefield. But a traveling bard cursed him to wander the world forever, pleasing a different woman each night with no hope of fulfillment or true love. Then Hardwick meets Cilla, who may be his only chance for salvation.


REVIEW: If you like a book that will grab you make you laugh out loud and your heart go thud! You will love Allie Mackay’s books. This is the third in her Ravenscraig Legacy series and it is Hardwick’s Story.

 Hardwick Seagrave has walked the earth for centuries ever since one fateful day when a vengeful traveling bard cursed the brave and handsome Highland knight to wander the world pleasuring a different woman every night but never allowing him release himself. The cruel curse has allowed him no hope of finding true love with any of the women he must service and the torturous existence has become more than Hardwick can bear. So he makes a deal with “The Dark One” to ease his burden and allow him finally to rest. He never expected that he would have to pass a test of not becoming aroused for a year and a day before he would be granted his request and if he fails his fate is even worse than before he will be forced to service Hell Hags everyday for all eternity. But seeing as how he is very tired of the “act” after so many centuries of mindless and pleasure less love making, he readily agrees and decides he will spend his proving period at a place where no temptation will be present, a remote Highland Retirement Home. But the Fates have a sense of humor and what Hardwick could never have envisioned was that a very young and beautiful visitor to that retirement home would put all of his plans in jeopardy.

Cilla Swanner’s life has been on a pointedly downward spiral and she has gone to visit her Aunt Birdie and Uncle Mac in the remote Scottish Highlands and to try to find some peace and regroup. Her intended turned out to be less than faithful and has left her heartbroken and her jewelry business has hit major troubles so she hopes that she can have some quiet time at the Retirement home that her relatives own. Time to figure out what she should do next to get her life back on track. Well she might have been expecting quiet a peaceful settings but she never expected that she would run head long into an honest to goodness Highland Ghost! And oh what a ghost he is. Mr. Tall Dark and Kilted is all that a woman could possibly dream of but things are complex beyond all imagining where he is concerned and though the two are instantly drawn to each other. There are powers that are dark and infinitely powerful standing in their way. Can Hardwick and Cilla find a way to be together? Is their budding and fragile love the thing that could save both of their lonely hearts? Or could it be the very thing that will ultimately damn them both?

I have loved every single book in this series and this one is no different. I have just got to find out how to get a Scottish Ghost of my own to come and haunt me! Allie Mackay (who some of you might know is the pen name of Best Selling Author Sue Ellen Welfonder) writes with a passion and a flair that leaves you longing for more and dreaming of the beautiful places and people that she so vividly creates on the page. She has made wonderful characters that you won’t soon forget and the feeling that you are standing there in the Highland mists right along beside them throughout the story. She is a master storyteller who can make you laugh out loud and bring you to tears within the span of a few pages. Authors like her are few and far between and I encourage you to pick up Tall, Dark and Kilted and all the books in her Highland Paranormal series. You will be more than glad you did as these are some for the keeper shelves!


October 4, 2014

The Outlander Ring Conspiracy: A Tale of Two Rings

After the Wedding Episode of Outlander aired recently on Starz there have been many who have absolutely lost their minds on social media and in discussion groups over Claire's wedding ring.

"It's nothing like the one in the book!!!" they cry! "Her's had a thistle knotwork pattern in the book and was silver, not made from a key!!!".... (blah, blah, whine, whine) "they totally messed this up!!!" many have railed.

But none of them seem to remember (if indeed they have ever read the books) that Claire did NOT get her silver and well beloved thistle ring from Jamie until MUCH later in the book - after they return to castle Leoch.

In the books the ring that Jamie put on Claire at their wedding was actually one that he was wearing himself that had been his father's ring. It was described as a very large gold ring with a cabochon ruby. He quickly pulled it off his own finger and placed it on hers during the ceremony because in the rush to get them married they had forgotten to get a ring.

Now while the ring that they used in the show was still different from what's in the books I personally loved the idea! I think it was so sweet of Jamie to have thought outright of getting her a ring in the first place, and it had a much deeper meaning as well because it was made from the key to Lallybroch. A fact that was confirmed by Ron Moore and Terry Dresbach in various podcasts and blog posts since the episode aired. That is something very dear to him it is the key to his home and indeed his birthright as Laird to Lallybroch that he had made into a ring for her. It's a beautiful sentiment and I thought a wonderful addition to the story. To me this was a very minor change and again I think I like it personally better that how it actually happened in the book in this case.

They haven't forgotten about Claire's iconic silver ring people they just haven't gotten to that part in the series where she is suppose to receive it yet. So dinna fash! I am positive we will be seeing Jamie give Claire her beautiful thistle knotwork ring in the second half of the series when it returns in April. And more in line when she is suppose to receive it in the storyline (and just like in the books after they return to Leoch).

I think Ron and all the cast and crew have done a phenomenal job so far and they will not let us down. They would not mess with something as important and iconic to the series as Claire's thistle ring...have a little faith!  And remember to not flip out when it's not even time for that ring yet!  As Jamie would say... "Tis going to be fine Sassenachs!" :)

October 3, 2014

Movie Review: Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

Starring: Indiana Evans, Brenton Thwaites, Denise Richards 

Directed by: Mikael Salomon

BLURB: Blue Lagoon is a classic love story about two young adults who fall in love despite all obstacles. Emma and Dean are two ordinary teenagers who travel with their school to Trinidad for a charity project. Emma is your 'good girl next door' type of girl, but she has a crush on a cute boy which makes her break the rules for once in her life and that fatal decision will carry on to change her life ...

REVIEW: Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is a bit of a contemporary remake of the 1980 film the Blue Lagoon that starred Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds. It aired on the Lifetime network in 2012 but has recently released on DVD. That is where I became acquainted with it.

I admit that I have always had a thing for stranded on a desert island stories be they in movies or in books.  So when I came across this one while browsing around on Amazon I had to give it a try especially having seen the first Blue Lagoon and Blue Lagoon the Return with Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause. SO how did this one measure up? To make things clear this isn’t a straight remake of the first film by any means there are many, many differences.

It starts out with two regular teenagers who lead the pretty much normal teenage life. They go to school, they hang out with friends, and they have all the usual teenage angsty problems...peer pressure, popularity issues and struggles, keeping up with grades etc. But the main characters are vastly different  Emma played by Indiana Evans is a “good girl”. She follows the rules, toes the line, gets stellar grades, is on route to an ivy league education, and in spite of all this is still pretty popular even though she’s not the cheerleader type (which I had to admit is unusual in most movies and series on TV).

Dean who is played by Brenton Thwaites is the polar opposite… he’s the bad boy type, hands down. He’s a loner, could care less about the popular crowd, and doesn’t like having to answer to others.

The action really starts when the two of them go on a class trip to Trinidad where the students take part in building a school for local children. While there several of the students decide to try to find a “good time” and head out to a party being held on a boat by a recent acquaintance of one of the students.  The party of course consists of the things that would cause most parents to have nightmares but that teens gravitate towards all to often in their quests to prove they are “grownups”…underage drinking, scanty clad people everywhere, you know the drill. Now while I could see Dean heading right for something like this without any qualms Emma had to be pressured and talked into it by her best friend and she finally caved to the peer pressure and went. The police show up and crash the party however and some of the teens take to the water to escape getting nabbed. In the rucus Emma is accidentally knocked overboard and Dean goes in after her and drags her to the dingy that is attached to back of  the boat the party was on. He untethers the dingy and the boat keeps going without them…and the police right along with the boat.

When Emma sees this she quickly jumps down Dean’s throat asking him why on earth he would do such a thing because they are being left behind! He states that it’s better than getting arrested. However his theory is soon put to the test when a bad storm comes up quickly and sweeps the two and in their little inflatable further out to sea.

After drifting for a long time the two finally spy an island and paddle towards it thinking they are saved finally! But when they finally arrive on the island they soon find out that it’s deserted and the two of them are totally alone with no food, no water, and yes they tried but indeed no cell phone service! Gasp this part actually cracked me up because I can so see many people flipping out from that last part more than the first two. LOL but I digress. Realizing they are going to have to work together if they have any hope of being rescued…and for that matter staying alive in this beautiful but desolate place, they soon start to become fast friends. And from there the feelings snowball and it isn’t to long until they find their feelings for one another burning hot as the sun above them.

Will they be able to make it and get food, shelter, and the other necessities to stay alive on the island. Will they be rescued? Or are they doomed to spend the rest of their lives alone on the island?

I won’t say more don’t want to give anything away. All in all I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this one. I didn’t have extremely high hopes as many of the Lifetime movies are extremely cheesy in many ways many have very weak or done to death storylines or focus on strictly sex appeal with no story to hold it up. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one overall. It was pretty well done and I liked the two main characters and found myself rooting for them in the end. I really enjoyed it and it did in fact go on my keeper shelf to watch again sometime.

I thought it also really cool that they gave a nod to the first Blue Lagoon by having Christopher Atkins make an appearance as one of the teachers that chaperones the class trip. Denise Richards also makes an appearance as Emma’s mom.

So final verdict on this one is definitely give it a shot. Especially if you are like me and are a fan of the stranded on a deserted island scenarios and like a little romance thrown in with the mix. You just might be pleasantly surprised too.

It was a Lifetime movie so it's not to bad. It does have a couple of uses of profanity and some sexual situations but nothing to raunchy. If it had been released in theaters I would estimate it would have been rated PG-13.