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October 8, 2014

Book Review: Thirteen Candles by Cindy Miles

BLURB: Christian is a fierce Welsh Crusader who's vowed to wait for his true love, Emma, forever. Eight hundred years later, he's still walking the earth as a spirit, thanks to a mangled magic spell. Now, three witches are determined to bring Emma's and Christian's souls together for all eternity. But if they fail, Christian and Emma's love will be lost forever...

REVIEW: Thirteen Chances is the latest story by Cindy Miles. It’s Christian’s story. Christian de Gaultiers of Arrick by the Sea was a Welsh Crusader who lost his life during the Crusades in Jersualem. But his ghost is still on the earthly plain and bound. He is still yearning, for over 800 years, for his lost love.

Emma and Christian’s was the truest of loves and he vowed to love her forever, but due to her mistake in a spell that she tried to use to keep Christian safe in battle, Emma unwittingly doomed them both to an afterlife of loosing each other again and again and again. Every 72 years or so Emma is reincarnated (but doesn’t remember her past though her soul is the same) and Christian finds her each time and makes her remember their love, only to lose her to death again each time after she finally remembers leaving him devastated and alone all over again. Twelve times this has happened over the long centuries and each time it has taken its toll on Christian. It’s not only breaking only his heart but is leaving his soul in more pieces with each loss.

The Ballaster sisters (three white witches) are entrusted with the “case” of Christian and Emma. It is up to them to make sure that this thirteenth chance will break the spell and the vicious cycle that has kept the lovers apart. More is riding on it this time than any other time however, because if they fail this time Christian and Emma loose their last chance to be together forever…

Cindy Miles is an outstanding author and I have enjoyed each and every novel that she has put out so far. Thirteen Chances is no exception. Her medieval knights, pirates, spirits and the stories of their loves will have any paranormal romance fan sighing and longing for more! She knows how to pen stories that make you believe in the magic and beauty of not only love but in human nature. And those who have enjoyed her previous books are in for an even bigger treat with Thirteen Chances as it brings back all of the beloved main characters and some outstanding supporting characters. Captain Justin Catesby the piratical rogue is back in all his undead glory! making a visit in this one! It ties all of the previous stories in together and we get to see the Dreedmoors, the Conwyks, the Munroes and the McGowans all together! But even if you haven’t read the other books you don’t want to miss this one if you love a good romance story with a lot of magic, wonder, ghosts, and feel good fun mixed in! I always walk away from Ms. Miles books with a good feeling in my heart. As the last page is turned, I always find joy! I highly recommend Thirteen Chances it was a good read!


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