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October 27, 2014

My Fancy Wee Kitty

I have to say one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life happened to me yesterday. And had I been able to have gotten a photo or better yet video I might have won some money off of it but of course that wasn't possible. Still have to tell you all about it because it truly was priceless. And proves there really is never a dull moment when you have cats. Now before I say what it was I have to tell you that what made it so funny was it was freaking PERFECT and happened totally by accident. I could not have ever gotten it that perfect had I literally tried. So that being said here is what happened...

I have been working on some jewelry for my new shop the last few days as I have mentioned a few times on here. I had been working on sealing a ton of little oval photos to put in the silver bezels to make Christmas ornaments with. The photos have to be sealed on both sides before they have resin put on them so they don’t mess up or bleed etc. So thinking I would save time I decided to just seal them all that I already had printed while I was at it. Then after they were dry store them until I need them. So I brushed them all down with sealer and set them out to dry, then moved on to a few I had that were already dry and started in mixing and pouring ice resin over those. Well during this process of course there were some drips and smears on my work table of resin. But I didn’t clean them up right then because they had landed on the cardboard liner I had set down so I could just pick it up and pitch it after everything was dry anyway. Hence how the next set of events was set up…

So I finished my resin pouring and all the ornaments I was going to make and decided to get online for a bit and browse etc. while they cured. After a while I see my cat Selene stroll in the room and I noticed there is something on her tail. I took one look and burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She had managed to get her tail into the tiny drops of resin that were spilled and had then evidently swished it across some of the drying sealed photos I had laying out to dry, and there hanging from her tail was a perfect oval photo of Claire from Outlander. It looked like a little pendant dangling on her tail about an inch from the end of her tail like someone had hung it there on purpose. I mean this couldn’t have been placed more perfectly had it been done on purpose.

I died laughing at the same time I rushed over to grab her and get the resin off before she tried to lick it. I was scared it might hurt her all though thank God it wasn’t much at all just one spot where the photo was hanging from. I continued to laugh- off and on for I don’t know how long after that about my “fancy” wee Outlander kitty. LOL

*I had btw thought she might get up there so I had put a piece of paper over the resin so she or Marco wouldn't get it on them. she had evidently moved it and got her tail in it as well* So she went through a bit to do this lol.

SO Selene is the very first one to wear any of my designs from my new shop! I have to say I was honored.


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