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1 John 4:9

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October 5, 2014

Tall Dark and Kilted by Allie Mackay

Book 3 in the Ravenscraig Legacy series

BLURB: A good man is hard to find. 

Cilla Swanner has been jilted by her lover, and she is struggling with a jewelry business that’s far from sparkling. She needs a getaway someplace quiet and remote. Someplace like Dunroamin Castle in Scotland, where her aunt and uncle run a retirement home in the majestic Highlands. But what she finds there may be more than she can handle. 

Or is it the other way around? 

Centuries ago, the roguish Scots knight known as Hardwick was renowned for his swordmanship, both on and off the battlefield. But a traveling bard cursed him to wander the world forever, pleasing a different woman each night with no hope of fulfillment or true love. Then Hardwick meets Cilla, who may be his only chance for salvation.


REVIEW: If you like a book that will grab you make you laugh out loud and your heart go thud! You will love Allie Mackay’s books. This is the third in her Ravenscraig Legacy series and it is Hardwick’s Story.

 Hardwick Seagrave has walked the earth for centuries ever since one fateful day when a vengeful traveling bard cursed the brave and handsome Highland knight to wander the world pleasuring a different woman every night but never allowing him release himself. The cruel curse has allowed him no hope of finding true love with any of the women he must service and the torturous existence has become more than Hardwick can bear. So he makes a deal with “The Dark One” to ease his burden and allow him finally to rest. He never expected that he would have to pass a test of not becoming aroused for a year and a day before he would be granted his request and if he fails his fate is even worse than before he will be forced to service Hell Hags everyday for all eternity. But seeing as how he is very tired of the “act” after so many centuries of mindless and pleasure less love making, he readily agrees and decides he will spend his proving period at a place where no temptation will be present, a remote Highland Retirement Home. But the Fates have a sense of humor and what Hardwick could never have envisioned was that a very young and beautiful visitor to that retirement home would put all of his plans in jeopardy.

Cilla Swanner’s life has been on a pointedly downward spiral and she has gone to visit her Aunt Birdie and Uncle Mac in the remote Scottish Highlands and to try to find some peace and regroup. Her intended turned out to be less than faithful and has left her heartbroken and her jewelry business has hit major troubles so she hopes that she can have some quiet time at the Retirement home that her relatives own. Time to figure out what she should do next to get her life back on track. Well she might have been expecting quiet a peaceful settings but she never expected that she would run head long into an honest to goodness Highland Ghost! And oh what a ghost he is. Mr. Tall Dark and Kilted is all that a woman could possibly dream of but things are complex beyond all imagining where he is concerned and though the two are instantly drawn to each other. There are powers that are dark and infinitely powerful standing in their way. Can Hardwick and Cilla find a way to be together? Is their budding and fragile love the thing that could save both of their lonely hearts? Or could it be the very thing that will ultimately damn them both?

I have loved every single book in this series and this one is no different. I have just got to find out how to get a Scottish Ghost of my own to come and haunt me! Allie Mackay (who some of you might know is the pen name of Best Selling Author Sue Ellen Welfonder) writes with a passion and a flair that leaves you longing for more and dreaming of the beautiful places and people that she so vividly creates on the page. She has made wonderful characters that you won’t soon forget and the feeling that you are standing there in the Highland mists right along beside them throughout the story. She is a master storyteller who can make you laugh out loud and bring you to tears within the span of a few pages. Authors like her are few and far between and I encourage you to pick up Tall, Dark and Kilted and all the books in her Highland Paranormal series. You will be more than glad you did as these are some for the keeper shelves!



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