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October 4, 2014

The Outlander Ring Conspiracy: A Tale of Two Rings

After the Wedding Episode of Outlander aired recently on Starz there have been many who have absolutely lost their minds on social media and in discussion groups over Claire's wedding ring.

"It's nothing like the one in the book!!!" they cry! "Her's had a thistle knotwork pattern in the book and was silver, not made from a key!!!".... (blah, blah, whine, whine) "they totally messed this up!!!" many have railed.

But none of them seem to remember (if indeed they have ever read the books) that Claire did NOT get her silver and well beloved thistle ring from Jamie until MUCH later in the book - after they return to castle Leoch.

In the books the ring that Jamie put on Claire at their wedding was actually one that he was wearing himself that had been his father's ring. It was described as a very large gold ring with a cabochon ruby. He quickly pulled it off his own finger and placed it on hers during the ceremony because in the rush to get them married they had forgotten to get a ring.

Now while the ring that they used in the show was still different from what's in the books I personally loved the idea! I think it was so sweet of Jamie to have thought outright of getting her a ring in the first place, and it had a much deeper meaning as well because it was made from the key to Lallybroch. A fact that was confirmed by Ron Moore and Terry Dresbach in various podcasts and blog posts since the episode aired. That is something very dear to him it is the key to his home and indeed his birthright as Laird to Lallybroch that he had made into a ring for her. It's a beautiful sentiment and I thought a wonderful addition to the story. To me this was a very minor change and again I think I like it personally better that how it actually happened in the book in this case.

They haven't forgotten about Claire's iconic silver ring people they just haven't gotten to that part in the series where she is suppose to receive it yet. So dinna fash! I am positive we will be seeing Jamie give Claire her beautiful thistle knotwork ring in the second half of the series when it returns in April. And more in line when she is suppose to receive it in the storyline (and just like in the books after they return to Leoch).

I think Ron and all the cast and crew have done a phenomenal job so far and they will not let us down. They would not mess with something as important and iconic to the series as Claire's thistle ring...have a little faith!  And remember to not flip out when it's not even time for that ring yet!  As Jamie would say... "Tis going to be fine Sassenachs!" :)


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