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November 14, 2014

Movie Review: Civil Love

Starring: Elise Groves, DeMoyne Hunt
Directed by: Bryan Carzan

BLURB: Rachel is a widow during the Civil War who holds the South responsible for her husband's death. When a wounded enemy soldier takes refuge in her barn, Rachel reluctantly helps him. As she gets to know him more, she realizes she must protect him from the dangerous men pursuing him, and discovers a courage she didn't know she had - the courage to love again.

REVIEW:  Civil love is a historical drama set during the Civil War. Rachel Taylor and her two children have been doing the best that they can, and trying to make a go of it on their own after Rachel’s husband (who fought for the union) was killed by confederate troops while trying to surrender. Things have not been easy but they are doing pretty well on their homestead and thanks also to Rachel’s brother in law who is the sherriff in the nearby town that comes to check on them and bring them supplies as are needed.

Rachel holds a deep resentment of the South and all who are fighting for them because of the circumstances of her husband’s death. And when an injured rebel is found laying unconscious in their barn she wants nothing to do with him. Her son and daughter however do not hold their mother’s feelings of resentment towards the wounded man and want to help him. Rachel reluctantly agrees as it is the Christian thing to do but is vehement that as soon as he is able to get on his feet he must leave, as well as that he must remain tied up for their own safety.

Daniel (the wounded Confederate soldier) is actually on the run from two men who are trying to kill him after he escaped from a Union prison camp. And nothing will stop them until they see Daniel dead. He knows that he might be safe for a short time at the little farm but knows as well that he needs to get moving as soon as possible both for his own safety as well as that of the young mother and her son and daughter who have been nursing him back to health.

As time passes though it becomes clear to all that the people on both sides of the war are not so different from one another and the children who have taken to Daniel right from the start try to get their mother to see that fact. Daniel and Rachel begin to talk and get to know each other more and more and as he can Daniel begins to help teach the young boy and girl ways to do things easier and correctly around the farm that their father would have been able to have shown them had he lived. Rachel starts to feel her steely resolve against the young man breaking down more and more as his kindness and good nature show through. Could it be that she might be able to find love again and with all people one of her enemies? Or will the two villains catch up to Daniel and reap vengeance on them all?

This isn’t a big budget movie and yes you can tell that in places. But the story is very well done and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always loved the Civil War era and find it fascinating that coupled with the romance and drama in this one was a win win in my eyes. I highly recommend it for anyone that won’t judge a movie unfit just because it wasn't put out by a major studio. It’s a great little movie and one the whole family can enjoy together. So if you like the Civil War and some romance ta boot definitely give this one a try.

Some mild violence, no dirty language, only sweet kisses nothing
that is inappropriate for kids I would rate it a PG at the most.


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