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December 8, 2014

My Outlander Fantasy Cast

Just a bit of a fun post. I always find it interesting to hear or see how people think the main characters in their favorite books look to them when they read. So I decided to share my fantasy Outlander cast with you all. Now below is how I always pictured the characters in Outlander in my head while reading the books... BEFORE the Starz series started. Yes now I will readily admit I see Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitrionia Balfe as my Claire now, but before that these were my picks (and still are for them as the older versions) and how I saw them. But the rest so far I still see how I did in my head. What do you think? Please do share your ideas with me I love chatting about this kind of thing!

Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser

Catherine McCormack as Claire Randall Fraser

 Karen Gillian as Brianna Randall Fraser
(so so so wish they would get her for Bree on the Starz series)

James Marsden as Roger Mackenzie

Brian Bloom as Fergus

Rachel Weisz as Jenny Fraser Murray

Jason Issacs as Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall 

Ralph Fiennes as Ian Murray

Liam Neeson as Dougal Mackenzie

These were my main stars of Outlander as I saw them in my head while reading... again before the series on Starz lol. THOUGH I know many are now to old now to play those roles even if they could afford them (which I'm sure they couldn't on many of them without breaking the bank now) it would have been so cool to see at least a few of them as them on screen.

And though I see Cait and Sam as Claire and Jamie there are some characters that I still see more in my minds eye when I read the books as the way I pictured them before like Frank and Black Jack I think Jason Issacs was practically perfect for the role. Tobias Menzies though he is a good actor don't get me wrong just doesn't do it as Frank and Black Jack totally for me for some reason. I pictured Frank and especially Black Jack as more handsome and a bit more buff than Tobias is. And while I readily admit that I LOVE Graham Mctavish as Dougal he's nothing like he's mentioned in the book or like I saw him in my head. Main thing he needs some hair on his head LOL. But love him in the series so far and I have gotten over that one for the most part.

Some of the characters for some reason I never could get a real person in my mind while reading like I did the ones listed, but I always did have a pretty clear image in my head of them that was very distinct like Young Ian, Geillis, and Marsali...I never saw an actor or actress that really I saw as them for some reason. Go figure lol but I can still see them very clearly just haven't seen anyone I thought embodied them in the flesh yet.

So I've shared my list what what is yours? Tell me in the comments!


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