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May 15, 2015

Book Review: The Viper by Monica McCarty

Book 4 in the Highland Guard Series

BLURB: Prized for his snake-like stealth and deadly strikes, Lachlan “Viper” MacRuairi is a warrior to enlist but not to trust. His only loyalty is to his purse, his indifference sealed by bitter betrayal. All that changes when Lachlan is tasked to protect and deliver Bella MacDuff to the king’s coronation—and the proud, lushly sensual countess unwittingly challenges him to his greatest battle yet: to love again.

Passionate and devoted, Bella has defied Britain’s king and her own husband to place the crown on Bruce’s head—and pays a terrible price. She loses her daughter and her freedom to her husband’s vengeance. Imprisoned with barbaric cruelty, she vows to reclaim her child, even if it means selling her soul—and her body—to a dark, lethal warrior whose eyes glint like steel, but who makes her skin tingle and her breath race. Together they embark on a rogue mission with sinister twists and turns that threatens not only Bella’s gamble to save her daughter—but also her heart.

REVIEW:  Up to book four in the Highland Guard series now and we have come to Viper’s story. Now throughout the series Viper has been probably the least likable of all the guard so far going in from what we know of him. He’s surly and from what his reputation is - he’s not exactly what you would think of as Hero material at all… right? However when we actually see what is behind the myth and the man that all changes in a hurry and I was surprised by just how much so!

Lachlan MacRuairi isn't the despicable ne'er-do-well that can’t be trusted, or the devious cutthroat that we have been lead to believe he is at all. He’s actually been the victim of a betrayal that would break most anyone. And his very much undeserved reputation came on the heels of the fallout from that betrayal and its horrific aftermath.

This story is also the story of Bella MacDuff the titled lady who risked everything (and it did indeed cost her everything) when she traveled to Scotland and crowned Robert the Bruce. Bella was subsequently captured and Edward made her pay in spades for her defiant act in crowning his enemy by not only imprisoning her, but putting her literally in a cage high on the side of a castle keep! No room, no privacy, no shelter from the elements NOTHING was left to Bella. And she was forced to endure this hell for years. (What is even more messed up is that this part of the story is based on actual fact - this really did happen to Bella MacDuff and for those reasons. God bless her heart!) Bella is as strong a woman as ever drew a breath, but the things she has been forced to endure have taken a heavy toll upon her - most of all the separation from her beloved daughter. Will she ever taste freedom and hold her daughter in her arms again?

Robert the Bruce of course feels a very heavy responsibility for all that has befallen Bella and he sends his guard to free her. I won't say much more because to do so will give away to much of the story but you have to see what happens when Lachlan and Bella meet and the fireworks start! Believe me what happens between these two strong and tortured souls is absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching too at times. Will Lachlan and Bella finally get the happy ending they both so very richly deserve or will circumstances and the war raging all around them destroy what is left of their hopes and love forever. 

This one I have to say has been my favorite of the series so far! Which really shocked me because like I said at the start Lachlan seems like the worst of the bunch but not so at all. And Bella well she is just the stuff of legends and rightly so admire her so much for so many reasons. I absolutely could not put this one down and flew through it with lightening speed. It is a keeper for sure and went right on top of my keeper shelf! All the series if you have read my other reviews so far have been great reads but this one is something special. DO NOT miss this one!

Terrific, terrific book and yes I went right from it on to the next one. I couldn't help myself I am in love with this series. Give it a try and I am sure you will be too! ;) BUY this one outright it's well worth it!!!

I would actually say this one is 4.75 it's closer to a perfect one than just a half for sure.


  1. I just loved this book...and this whole series...I love the way this author writes, very compelling and just pulls you in. I always make sure I have plenty free time when I pick up one of her books, because I know they will be hard to put down.

    1. Hi Lover Of Romance thanks so much for commenting! I totally agree you have to allow more time with Monica she is awesome! Can't put them down once you start! :)


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