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May 20, 2015

Movie Review: The Magic of Ordinary Days

Starring: Kerri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, Mare Winningham

Directed by: Brent Shields

BLURB: Pregnant out of wedlock, an educated young woman is pressured by her father into an arranged marriage with a lonely farmer in this drama set during WWII.

REVIEW:  The Magic of Ordinary Days is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that was first released back in 2005. It is based on the book by Ann Howard Creel of the same name. It stars Keri Russell as Olivia Dunne a young woman from Colorado who has found herself in a very sticky situation…she has gotten pregnant out of wedlock by a naval flight instructor during World War II.

Her father who is a minister of some kind (it’s never really flushed out in the movie just shows him wearing a collar of some sort that identifies him as some sort of minister) is horrified by the fact and he arranges for her to be quietly married to a young Christian farmer in southern Colorado through a friend who is also a preacher. He arranged the marriage to give the baby a name and keep it from being born out of wedlock and ruining Olivia’s reputation completely. Olivia agrees (though it seems reluctantly) and takes the long train ride to the small rural community and is married to Ray Singleton (Skeet Ulrich) the same day. It is an awkward situation for all involved admittedly an arranged marriage between two people who have never met until they literally are about to walk down the aisle together. You can practically cut the tension at the wedding with a knife.

But Livy and Ray both bravely say their vows and head off to their new home together to the very rural farm where Ray lives. The nearest neighbors are literally miles away this is very different for Livy in fact everything just about, about her new life seems different from what she has been use to. Livy is (for her time especially) a very educated young woman she attended college and was studying archaeology. Here there are no phones accept all the way in the nearest town an hours drive away. No library accept one again an hours drive away, and everything runs on farm time early to bed and very early to rise with very hard work all throughout the day. Livy while she has education from books doesn't know much about being a wife most especially a farmer’s wife. She doesn't know how to cook she is awkward with many things around the farm and has no knowledge of how to help with the crops, which makes her transition even harder.

However Livy is extremely lucky in that Ray is an absolute sweetheart! He’s a true salt of the earth man who when he heard of her story from the preacher who approached him about marrying her…he immediately wanted to help, and to give her and her baby a home. He is what all women dream of finding a honest to goodness GOOD man who has a huge heart and loves with all of it once his heart is given. And slowly Livy starts to see that about Ray and his family and community who have all welcomed her with open arms from the very start. Can this arranged marriage turn into one based on mutal respect and true love after all? Or will Livy choose to go back to her more worldly life again once the baby is born?

You really should get this one for your collection it is a fabulous and extremely well written and acted film even though it was produced for the small screen. It’s not to often that you come across a tv movie or any movie for that matter that has as much heart as the Magic of Ordinary Days. It is truly a pleasure to watch and I was sad that it didn’t keep going I wanted to see more of the story about Livy and Ray past the hour and 30 mins that the movie lasted. I LOVED this one and know you will too! Just skip the rent and buy this one it’s worth it!!! If you loved movies such as the Love Comes Softly series, Sarah Plain and Tall, and the Christy series you will guaranteed love this one as well. 

P.S. As I mentioned this is based on the book of the same name I haven't read it yet but I'm going too!!! Already adding it to my TBR pile. 

I'm actually going to give this one a 4.75 stars it was better than the average for sure and just shy of a perfect score imho - so 4.75 for this hidden gem!

This was a TV movie and it's Not Rated but it's completely clean this one can be watched with the entire family with no worries. 
Nothing bad at all just a couple of sweet kisses! 
Totally fine for even the kiddies to watch.

*All sales do benefit my blog and I do appreciate any help of off-setting some of the costs of running Romance P.S. thank you.*  :)

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