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May 31, 2015

Outlander: Review and rant on episode 16
To Ransom a Man's Soul

Now before I start and before any stones start getting hurled my way...let me say that I am and have always been a huge Outlander fan both of the books and the TV series. I have loved Outlander and Diana Gabaldon's writing for 16 years ever since I first read Outlander. Since then it has remained one of my favorite books and series of all time. I have watched the Starz series from the beginning and have loved it as well.  I love them both book and series and still do. What I am about to say is my own opinion on last night's finale episode of Outlander To Ransom A Man's Soul. I write this for two reasons really because one I just got to get something off my chest about it because it actually made me mad when I saw it last night and has bothered me off and on today since. And two I think it needs to be said by someone. I have read several reviews and frankly was surprised  no one else seemed to pick up on this or have a problem with it because for one certainly did. Maybe the reviewers have only watched the TV show and never read the books I don't know. But most of us have read the books and last night was the first real beef I have had with the TV Series in deviating what I saw as BIG time from the books. Spoilers are just ahead for the episode so if you have NOT watched it yet and don't want any surprises do not read any further...

I actually had a couple of beefs with last night's finale - one is that it was EXTREMELY graphic. Now I know that with the content of the story, i.e. Jamie's torture and rape, they had to show some of what they did to get the horror of pain of what Jamie endured at the hands of BJR across. But at the same time they went way over the top several times I thought. I found in speaking with some of my personal friends and others that I know that watch the show that I'm definitely not the only one who saw it that way.

Let me be clear I could have lived my entire life happily without having to see Tobias's wing ding all right. Don't wanna see it - it wasn't necessary to show it - but they did several times. Just EWW all right. This could just as easily have been eluded to and just as powerful with the great acting skills of the actors if they had shown him from the belt line up no nudity involved! And we are all intelligent enough to have understood that he was suppose to be naked. DUH! We got it we aren't in 2nd grade, really didn't care to see the worm ok lol. Sorry but it needed to be said!  Not necessary! Please stop that!

Outlander cast and crew if you want to say you aren't gratuitous in showing flesh and overt sex on the show like they do in other shows on TV..which they have done in many interviews... and which I agreed for the most part up until last night's episode... Well sorry but you did, and you are, at least last night. So please don't try to state and act like your better than the rest of the shows on HBO and other networks when you are doing the same things they are, because yep ya sure did last night! Way more was shown than needed to be to get the points across of all he went through.

Now I am not trying to take anything away from the truly AMAZING performances by Sam, Cait, and Tobias by anything I have said or am going to say, they were phenomenal as always! They really nailed it and pulled at the heart strings of anyone with any bit of heart no doubt about that. I was crying actually no I was bawling I'll be honest. They had me sobbing literally. They were great! I truly do not think any actors could beat them in these roles they are fabulous. However that being said the truly horrific and extremely detailed scenes of the rapes of Jamie, and the blatant nudity constantly was not necessary and you could have spared both your actors and your audience a lot of it, but chose not to.

Now for the thing that really got to me and actually made me angry. There have been many,many changes throughout the series from the book. And most of them I totally get it were necessary to make the show fit in the time available. Yep got it!  I understood that and it didn't bother me in the least the small changes... I just brushed off and enjoyed the rest of the outstanding show! However explain to me exactly why on EARTH they chose to have Jamie brand himself??????????????

Did you people read the same book I did and supposedly adapted the script from? That never happened in the book the way they portrayed it!!! Black Jack was the one who branded Jamie with his signet ring ,and Jamie did NOT agree to it in anyway much less do it himself. To do so the way they showed it in the TV series last night completely changed the whole essence of that scene and a large part of Jamie's character as well in my opinion. The Jamie in the book the one that everyone fell in love with would NEVER have branded himself and admitted to in the smallest way that Black Jack owned him by doing so!!! That part to me was absolutely inexcusable! And completely out of character for Jamie. It made him seem like he was just giving up and would do whatever Black Jack wanted like his little puppy which if you read the books was NOT the case at all. He hated that Black Jack had branded him in the books and was disgusted by it. Again he would never ever have done it to himself for Black Jack!

When I saw that part I literally got angry and stopped the show and said OH NO, NO, NO really??? That was just way,way out of the character and mindset of Jamie from the books. It made me both angry and disgusted that they did such a thing. That was not a necessary change at all, not for any time restraints, not for any reason! It was a huge blunder in my opinion by Ron Moore and the writers on that one. NOT COOL at all and I seriously doubt I'm the only one that felt that way about it.

There were many changes through out the series on various things I know. Some were kinda major i.e. Claire's ring (really thought they would bring the highland thistle pattern one in at some point but never did) and many were just minor and nit picky and honestly I didn't pay any attention to them hardly at all, because the heart of the story remained TRUE to the book... up until this last episode. I think it could have been handled a lot better than it was in several ways. And while I loved the ending it just didn't ring true with the perfect ending in the book. The way it ended was good but it felt extremely rushed. And could have been much much better but instead they spent so much time on the nasty graphic parts that they had NO time left to show Jamie and Claire's getting close again and reconciling to bring it to a truly fulfilling ending the way it should have, and did in the book. I think if they had carved out some of the added in scenes they put in throughout all the rest of the series and actually made the finale a 2 hour special finale event and had gone that extra mile to have Jamie and Claire's perfect moment together in the hot springs it would have been much more spectacular and literally cemented their place as the best series ever in even some of the nay sayers minds.

Enough of my ranting but I did have to get that off my chest. And I would love to hear what everyone else thinks on the episode! Please leave a comment below and we can discuss the finale and the rest of the series too if you like! (P.S. No cussing me out though because I don't think it was all rainbows and unicorns though please).

In closing I love Ron Moore and the wonderful series he and the cast and crew created... but sorry this time Ron I reject your reality and substitute it with Diana's all the way!

**P.S. Since I have received some offline comments asking why the beef with the nudity now and not before I guess I didn't make myself perfectly clear before, so please let me do so now... I never agreed with any of the nudity on the show ever at any time. I think it could have been done just as well and been more respectful to, and dignified to, all the actors and actresses involved by not showing everything they have every other episode. Tactful camera angles showing just bare shoulders for the women and their backs (and just their backs no butts needed), and then the chests for the guys would have gotten the point across that - hey they are naked here in the story.

By them repeatedly showing them nude that to me isn't very respectful to the actors and actresses themselves. I truly felt bad for Cait at times her breasts were shown so many times that bless her heart they were almost their own character in the show. These wonderful actors and actresses are not pieces of meat to be oogled for ratings. Or at least they should not be, but that is what happened to an extent and I don't think anyone can say that’s not what the nudity was for.  It's been a staple in showbiz for years unfortunately, and as long as actors and actresses go along with it they will continue to do so.


  1. I agree with you 100%, Jenn. Fleeting memories of the horrendous acts that took place between Jamie and BJR would have been better! More of Jamie and Claire in the hot springs, reconnecting and healing! There was no need for the full frontal nudity by BJR, the imagination of the viewers would have taken over without that visual aid! I've read OUTLANDER and DRAGONFLY IN AMBER so far; have loved both. Both my husband and I look forward to each episode of OUTLANDER on Starz, too. So, now we are in what has been deemed "Droughtlander" time. Guess I'll have to get Diana's next book in the series to fill the void.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Joy! I am so glad to hear I wasn't the only one that felt this way, and those that are my close friends too of course. but we generally do think a lot a like. I know they seem to have a fascination with Tobias's pingus huh? And yes everyone I spelled that wonky on purpose before someone corrects my spelling it was done for the funny sound effect. It was completely unnecessary and after they have time and again tried to say they don't gratuitously do like the other shows in graphic unneeded nudity and sex etc. yeah I beg to differ now yep they DID and they need to stop it or at least stop being hypocrites and saying that now. There is no need to make the actors show themselves like that we are grown ups and have very vivid imaginations we don't need to see the whole package to get what they were going for there. And yep I totally agree with you rushed and need more Jamie and Claire than we got for sure! I was so disappointed by the finale it's the first time that the series let me down but it did here. My husband had been watching the entire series with me too but when he heard what was coming up he absolutely refused to watch 15 and 16 he goes I'll watch the other's but I'm not watching that! Glad he didn't because I would never have heard the end of it that is for sure.

      And do get Voyager girl you are in for some more greatness if you haven't gotten to it yet. Much more Jamie and Claire goodness!!! :) Thanks again so much for stopping by and commenting and do come back again! :)

    2. My husband and yours would probably get along! He fast-forwarded through the kissing and rape scenes! It made me sick to my stomach for Jamie! Also for Sam!!! Tobias and Sam are both such good actors, it seemed so real, it actually made my skin crawl. Cait was excellent as well. I was bawling my eyes out by the end of the lavender oil scene! It will be interesting to see how well Ron stays with the book in Season 2! I'll have to get Voyage soon. Gotta get my Outlander fix! :D

    3. It sounds like our hubbys would get along lol. He was like will watch the others but I'm not watching that. It made me feel sick too. They did an outstanding job it was just a bit to much in some ways I think for many people and that included myself. I know stuff like that is real and it happens but I do not want to see it. Reading it was hard enough I won't be watching those parts again myself I will fast forward through them from now on myself. Loved the small part of Jamie and Claire at the end that we did get too. It was beautiful and I actually cried harder then than I did when the other things happened I was actually shaking with it. They are amazing actors and if they don't both get Emmy's for their work they might as well stop having the Emmy's because there is no justice or fairness to them IMHO.

      I hear ya I had to start right in on Voyager as soon as I finished DIA. All of Diana's Outlander series are like that you feel that you have to have the next one immediately they are just that good.


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