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May 8, 2015

Series Review: Netflix's Daredevil

First off NO this one is not for everyone it is not your Sat. morning family friendly version of the comic book hero's story by a long shot. It is extremely violent at times and there is some language in it. But that being said this series is light years ahead of the cheesy and cringe worthy 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

My son loves Daredevil when he was younger he actually even loved said cringe worthy 2003 version lol. Now that he's older going to be 16 in a few weeks *cries* he doesn't like the original so much he now see's the cheese where he didn't when he was younger lol.

SO when he heard about the Netflix series he wanted to see it of course and so I sat down with him to watch it and see what this one was like.

Little background on this series Netflix actually released the entire first season all 13 episodes of it at once. New concept but have to say I like it and I don't at the same time. First it is awesome that you don't have to wait to see the episodes you can just go right on to the next episode no waiting a week to see what happens. BUT at the same time the down side to that is that once you finish the last one now we are in a drought until they finish filming season 2. But I must admit I like that a LOT better than the idiotic way they released Outlander (one of my favorite shows of all time) with the first 8 episodes then there was a 7 month long wait in between until they released the last episodes of season 1!!!! What the freaking heck was that!!! SO stupid I'm sorry still a sore spot there as you can probably tell ROFL - ahem back to Daredevil.

Daredevil aka Matt Murdock is played in Netflix's version by the very handsome Charlie Cox. Who I thought did a fabulous job and kicked Ben Affleck's butt so bad it's not even funny. Some of you may remember him as Tristan in Stardust loved him in that too. He shines just as brightly here as the blind attorney / masked superhero bent on cleaning up Hells Kitchen from the criminal slime that are over running it. And ladies he is hot and ripped too! ;) He is accompanied by his law partner Foggy Nelson played by Elden Henson and their beautiful and feisty (but perpetually getting herself into trouble) secretary Karen Page played to perfection by Deborah Ann Woll. Can't wait till they get to her and Matt getting together they will make such a cute couple!

Now what is actually shocking is that most critics actually liked this one too which is always kind of a surprise when they like anything that isn't just artsy fartsy... and something I would actually watch...these days and boring as all get out. But they seemed to have pretty favorable reviews for DD and I have to say I for the most part agree I liked it pretty well myself. I could have done without the language - sadly that is a part of the world we live in most of the time these days and I realize that, I just don't agree with it or like it, but I can look over it if it's not just gratuitous. This one wasn't overtly gratuitous but there is the S word that pops up quite a bit and the normal A's and B's too. But nothing really much worse than you hear on regular TV anymore.

The violence - while I understand the need to make it some what violent to be more realistic i.e. he is fighting big time criminals supposedly DUH there is going to be violence it's a given. I did feel that it was taken to far on two occasions both involved main bad guy King Pen aka Wilson Fisk played by Vincent D'Onofrio. Now him I didn't enjoy at all! I'm sorry you are suppose to be this big bad villian and honest to gosh the dude looks like he is about to burst into tears ALL THE TIME. He isn't intimidating or scary really at all. I wouldn't be scared of him unless he threatened to sit on me ok. D'Onofrio is just sad both literally and figuratively as King Pen they could have done a lot better than him in this role in my humble opinion, and he was the only really flawed actor in the entire series the rest were stellar I thought. But him oms I just wanted to hand the wuss a tissue all the time he seriously had this look like he was going to just start bawling at any second all the time. UGH

But overall if you are a fan of Daredevil or just like super hero movies/shows I think you will really enjoy this one. Guys especially...

I had fun watching it with my son and we talked about the show and the things happening in depth, so it actually opened up opportunities to discuss drugs, crime, the way people behave, and the consequences of one's actions. So not only did we have a bit of fun, get some time together, but I got to throw in some major parenting without him really realizing it at the time - which is always a plus (especially with teenagers). ;)

Bottom line overall score... 3.5 out of 5 stars would have been a 4 but King Pen got on my nerves one time to many with the wuss factor. He was just laughable at times and he wasn't suppose to be - ah oopsy. I will be watching Season 2 and I know both my son and I will enjoy it if it's as good as this one was.


There is a LOT of violence mostly kicking and punching but there is also scenes of shootings and crime scenes. One - silhouette only - of a guy getting his head smashed off in a car door ... yep you read that right. However they only show the shadow still nasty though. Also some language...but it is rated MA for a reason, use your own discretion and if a person is over 14 I think it will be fine. But again if you are worried about letting your kids see it - watch it first then make the call on whether they can see it or not. That should be the rule always anyway with things over TVPG.

As far as the heat meter while I wouldn't call this show a sweet series at all there are a few romance moments. And the sweet rating is as close as I can come to the content for this one as far as romance. Nothing at all that would go above my sweet rating (for more on it see my ratings page here ) - which means there is no more than heated kissing and nothing overtly sexy is shown... it is implied once, but not shown therefore couldn't use the None rating or the HOT one so sweet it is.)


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