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In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

1 John 4:9

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May 26, 2015

Thank you...

All right I realize this one is not about movies or books but it's something that has been truly bothering me and I think it's important so here goes... Now this is an observation and a bit of a rant as well, I will readily admit it, so please just bear with me on this one. But why is it so hard for people now a days to say THANK YOU when you do something for them? It's really such a simple thing to do. It's quick and easy takes under 2 seconds, a tiny two word acknowledgment that you respect and appreciate that someone has helped you in some way - however small it is.

It seems like many times anymore that people more and more just expect things in life, and they don't even think about, let alone appreciate what others do for them enough to say two small words when they do help them. - Thank you - (boy that is just uber hard to say huh? But evidently it is for so many it seems sadly).

I like genuinely like to and want to helping others. I really do. I will do anything I can to help people when I can. But let me tell you a little something about myself...I find it increasingly difficult to continue to help those same people, at least with it not becoming a bit grudgingly, when they can't - or really just won't say -Thank you - after I've helped them. It's not like I didn't have other things to do with my time. I just thought more of them than I did what I wanted or needed to do. And I wanted to help them so I chose to do whatever for them, instead of going and doing things I really needed to do or wanted to do myself. So the very least I think people could do is use that tiny two word phrase to say - I appreciate and acknowledge the thing you did for me. That's not asking to much I don't's a little thing called respect people. That is what this world is lacking in huge volumes these days - actual respect for others and the things they do.

The hubby and I were just sitting here talking about this very thing a few mins ago. I said you know I personally, even with people and corporations that I have to pay to do things for me, when they do whatever it is I paid them to do, I always make sure I thank them for it. Because I am acknowledging and respecting them for helping me. It is a matter of principle and honor to me to do so. So yes I do expect that same respect back from others. Mind you I am not trying to sound snotty or on my high horse about anything... far, far from it. I guess I'm just very old fashioned and still believe that we should respect and treat others well in this life. Because we are NOT owed ANYTHING by anyone here people.

So if someone thought enough of you to take the time and energy, (that truly they may not really have had to give in the first place, but never told you) to help you in some way even if it's something small - then at least respect them and honor them for that help by saying...Thank you. It's a very easy and simple thing to do, and it really does mean something to do so.


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