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June 27, 2015

Mini-Series Review: New Worlds

Jamie Dornan, Freya Mavor, Jeremy Northam

Directed by: Charles Martin

BLURB: A ruthless king smashes opponents with an iron fist. Forbidden love blooms between an outlaw and a lady. And an untamed frontier simmers with intrigue, greed, and murder. New Worlds follows the lives of four young people caught in the 1680s clash between England's autocratic King Charles II (Jeremy Northam, The Tudors) and rebels fighting for freedom and reform. 

In England, rebel Abe (Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fall) sparks a secret affair with the aristocratic Beth (Freya Mavor, Skins) and enlists her help to stoke opposition to the king. In Massachusetts, Ned Hawkins (Joe Dempsie, Game of Thrones), the son of a land baron, falls for plucky frontierswoman Hope (Alice Englert, Beautiful Creatures), but their love affair is swept up by conflicts between Indians, ruthless settlers, and agents of the crown. 

This four-part miniseries sets political intrigue, action-packed adventure, and passionate romance against the historical backdrop of the Restoration, all brought to life in stunning location shoots and rich cinematography.

REVIEW: I'm a huge fan of historical dramas and BBC made miniseries and movies. So when I heard about this one I had to try it! Well this is one time that I have to say BBC let me down. The story I found out later was actually the sequel of an earlier series the entitled The Devil's Whore. But you don't have to have seen that one for this one to make sense it's just if you had watched that one you would have more back story to several of the characters in New World's who are now the parents of several of the main characters in this one.  

Charles the second is on the English throne and as anyone who is familiar with history knows that this point in time was a whirlwind of many different troubles and intrigues including the growing English Colonies in "The New World" later to become America. The aristocrats are still making life miserable for those less well of who they still think of as peasants even though the Restoration and more modern ways of thinking and politics are underway. The lower classes struggle to make ends meet and are still suffering with the best hunting grounds belonging to the crown and "poaching" is considered a capital offense. So many are taking their chances and heading off to the New World in search of more freedoms and hopefully a more prosperous and easier way of life. 

While I liked parts of the series there was just something that always seemed to be missing. They would build up to something but then it seemed to just fall flat and not get finished. And the ending left a LOT to be desired in my humble opinion. It seemed extremely rushed and like they might have planned for more episodes then decided not to and just ended it abruptly and it showed majorly. If that was not then case then the series writers really stunk at their jobs and completely dropped the ball because after it was over I found myself wishing to have spent the hours I watched this on reading or watching something else. Bottom line for this one it started out with a lot of potential then thoroughly went to pot by the end. So skip this one and watch another of the good BBC historical series that are out there like Poldark and Lark Rise to Candleford (two of my personal faves)!



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