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June 10, 2015

Movie Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth

Directed by: Joss Whedon

BLURB: When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.

REVIEW: The Avengers return here for their second movie in the Age of Ultron. I knew eventually we would make it to the theaters to see this one and we did this last weekend for my son’s birthday. The hubby, son, and I have actually all been wanting to go and see this one for a while, but we wanted to wait until it wouldn’t be so crowded. We finally had the money and time to go and since my son said mom can we go see Ultron as part of my birthday well how could I refuse! 

Why don’t we go to the movies more often? Because it’s over thirty dollars to see a movie for just us three that’s why… and this one has been out several weeks and still that high UGH. But I have to say after all was said and done it was worth it.

So the gang is all back for the second teaming up of the Avengers - Cap, Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, and yes Hawkeye and Black Widow are in tow again too. This time out the team is finally working together much better! There is still the occasional disagreement and squabble but not the open hostility to each other as in the first movie so much anymore. They all seem to have finally put their differences aside for the most part (well at least for the first part of the movie you will see why there was more friction in the end in a min.) and things are going pretty good for the team! They defeated their enemies and have finally recovered Loki’s staff ta boot! So all is hunky dory… UNTIL…Tony Stark and Bruce Banner decide to pittle around with the staff (which in fact holds an infinity stone) and to utilize some of the power within it to bring to life a massive and artificially intelligent protection program that they think will protect the world from alien invasion and earthly foes alike. They also think that it will be so good at defending and protecting the world that the Avengers won’t be needed at least as much anymore. Who wouldn't want more time off huh and what could possibly go wrong with that idea right? Yeah duhhhhhh… for two guys who are suppose to be geniuses they sure goof stuff up royally a LOT!

So they create Ultron and immediately Ultron has a mind of his own but it’s not the one they wanted him to have unfortunately for all. Instead of creating a great protector for mankind they pretty much created an almost indestructible robot that is set on destroying all life on the planet. OOPSY.

So it’s mount up to save the day again everyone because we put the world in mortal danger by messing around with stuff we shouldn’t have been tinkering with yet again. SORRY! 

Seriously they need to just tell Stark and Banner that if they ever try to TINKER again they will put them both in Gitmo. LOL. Dude just can’t seem to get anything right accept his own suit of armor and Banner oh gee I don't even have the time for that one.

What ensues next is the team going to battle with Ultron and his legion of robots (yes he’s just as smart as Stark and quickly amasses his own army of robots to combat the Avengers and pretty much all of mankind). The evil padawan has learned a lot it seems from his well meaning but mistake prone creator. Run Tony run, there are no strings on him!

The team along the way is joined by two new and powerful mutants Quicksilver and is twin sister the Scarlett Witch. They were fighting against the Avengers at the first of the movie, but they quickly see who the real bad guys are and that if they don’t lend a hand they could die along with everyone else on earth. So they switch from bad to good and fight along side the heroes to defeat Ultron and his robot minions and save earth and all life as we know it.

You also see the return of Maria Hill and Nick Fury in this one, which I really enjoyed. Especially Maria she cracks me up! I really like that character and hope to see more of her in the movies and maybe on Agents of Shield the series too (which I also watch regularly and enjoy). She has guest starred on there a couple of times already and I would love to see her on there more regularly along side Colson.

The whole romance thingy with Black Widow and The Hulk is just’s very awkward and a bit sad and creepy too. But what do you expect from Scarlett Johansson - Planned Parenthood’s little rallier and poster baby is just a weirdo to start with so this shouldn’t have surprised anyone at all. I so wish they would get someone else to play Black Widow and The Hulk! I personally can’t stand Scarlett J. or Mark Ruffalo - but I do like the characters they play in these movies and wish they had someone else (just about anyone else) to filling their shoes. I would enjoy the Avengers movies TONS more if they did. I just loath Scarlett...and Mark’s not far behind. RECAST please!!!

LOVED both of the Chris’s returns in this one as Cap and Thor. HUBBA, HUBBA they are both looking as hot - if not hotter - than ever. And Robert Downey Jr. once again gives a fine and yes lovably comic performance as Tony - he’s just awesome isn’t he? He never fails to have me laughing by the end of the movie, love that guy.

Final verdict really did enjoy it and so did my husband and son. They actually liked it even more than me. They are still talking about parts of it days later and still nerding on the special effects...which were impressive I will admit. So if you liked the other Avenger movie or the other stand alone Marvel superhero movies you should really enjoy this one too. It’s an action packed, at times laugh out loud funny,  joy ride the whole family can enjoy together.

We will be buying this one when it hits the shelves on Blu-ray. I think that about says it all! 

For some mild language, action sequences, and violence


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