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June 30, 2015

Stand Up Comedy DVD Review: Anjelah Johnson Homecoming

Anjelah Johnson is a comedian that I found first on Netflix. While a bit bored one day my son Stephen who is 16 now wanted to watch something funny so he was flipping through the Netflix channel on our Amazon Prime Box and said "mom is she any good?" I said "I don't know dear I actually have never heard of her before." I told him we could give it a try and if she talked dirty like a lot of the stand ups do now a days we would turn it off and try something else. Well I have to say I am so glad that we gave her a shot because this woman is clean and FUNNY! Yes the two don't have to be mutually exclusive! What a concept huh? Although most people especially Hollywood seems to think they do THEY DON'T and Anjelah proves it here.

She was for several years a Los Angeles Raiders Cheerleader before becoming a stand up comic as she talks about in her routine. And she even shows of some of her moves she's still got it I must say lol. She is also Latino and proud of it and some of her cultural jokes really had us rolling. Our personal favorites were "OH Sorry Dog", The Taco Story" (oms this one was priceless and my personal fave), and "I just got bit by a fish" but there were many more things that had us actually laughing out loud.

No I didn't agree with everything in her act (there is a couple of references to gays) but nothing to gratuitous or I would have turned it off immediately. For the most part it's totally family friendly at least pre-teens and up for sure would be fine and actually get almost all if not all the joke references I think. The only dirty word uttered at all was one, "Hell no" which was used just once and you hear much worse than that all the time on regular TV anymore on an hourly basis sadly pretty much.

My son and I now actually use some of the catch phrases from this one from time to time around the house LOL. We will go OH SORRY DOG or You Scairt me huh? Watch it and you will find yourself doing the same thing! As well as getting in some great laughs. And lets be honest we all need more laughter in our lives...especially now in these stressful times.

We really enjoyed watching this one together with my son and have actually seen it several times since because he wanted to watch it again. And I am sure we will see it again some time in the future too. So if you are in the mood for some great comedy that you don't feel like you have to wash your ears out after you watch it give her a try. We really liked it. :)

But had it been rated I would say it would be no more than PG she's very clean!


It's also available on Netflix as well if you have a subscription
to their streaming service. 


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