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1 John 4:9

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August 27, 2015

Downing Romance Novels

Romance Novels = Bodice Rippers: I don’t think so!

Today I’m getting on my soapbox about a subject that I have heard time and time again and one that never fails to tick me off! Let’s see if you all agree…

Ok every romance reader has heard this sentence or a variance of it sometime in their life… “Romance! That’s not literature, that’s not a real book. All those books are is sex, sex, sex. There is no substance to the stories.” Ok first off let me say I myself have heard this that romances aren’t “real books” many times. Ah excuse me but I strongly disagree! Yes they are! When these people say this stuff I’m sure I look at them like they have two heads. Then I quickly ask if they have even truly ever sat down and read one to know what they are talking about before they pass judgment on an entire genre of books.

Now what always blows my mind is a lot of these same people that voice these pious judgments have no problem at all reading Shakespeare who wrote about incestuous relationships, suspense or mysteries where many of the plots revolve around murder and theft, sometimes rape and other various crimes and so on. Ah ok so reading about
a person making love is offensive and vulgar,  but someone shooting, beating, stabbing or running over another human being is not to them?  That just blows my mind! Somehow in their mind sex is more taboo to read about than someone getting their throat silt or worse. I just have never understood nor will I ever understand that.

Yes romances usually do have sex in them,  but any book that even remotely speaks of life in any realistic format does in some form right or at least in a small reference. Love is spoken of in the Bible and so is sex many times.

 Unless someone has taken a vow of celibacy most humans do get involved in romantic relationships sometime in their lives. And if your lucky and find the right one…marriage and a family is a huge part of life that many enjoy! It’s one of the cornerstones of our existences, and it’s a blessing there is nothing ugly about it, unless someone chooses to make it so.

Now I already hear some of those people saying but some are about tawdry affairs etc… Ok I’ll grant that let’s face it…in life there are always going to be a few that will take things to far and do things that aren’t right or that they shouldn’t have. But again that’s just the way things are in this world unfortunately. But just like not all people will commit crimes not all romances are cheap and tawdry with no other context but sex.
So why must they lump all romances that way when only a few out there may be that way?

I’m not saying that I agree with all the forms of sex that appear in some romances. I’ll say straight out I don’t.  I don’t like all of the romances and erotica books out there myself, but I don’t go trash talking an entire genre or the people that enjoy them because I don’t like them. If I don’t like a book or a genre I just simply don’t read them myself. What is my cup of tea isn’t necessarily someone else’s. That’s just life and there is nothing wrong with that. But to say or suggest that romances and the people that read them are somehow inferior in some way is just insulting, and I think extremely uninformed as well.

Many romances have amazing story lines! Some historicals have amazing details about history and the times and events of the era it was written about. I have learned a lot about the way people lived in the Regency periods, the Civil War, the American west, the American and French Revolutions, and many other times romances I have read.

That knowledge fed my previous interest in History and led me to further research and  wanting to learn more and more about the way people lived, worked, and died in the past and see how certain movements came about etc.

Some romances are totally fictional like the very popular romances about vampires, werewolves etc. (which I personally find very fascinating and read a lot as well.) And it provides a getaway from the trivial and boring and oftentimes stressful trials of daily life for me and many other people. Why is that such a bad thing?

I have read literature all across the board, the classics, mystery, nonfiction, general fiction, westerns, and so on. But out of all of the genres I have read romance has always been my personal favorite. Why? Because when I read I like to read about people and their lives interesting events and relationships, love, and for the book to have a happy ending. I read to escape life to relax and enjoy a good story and let’s face it in these troubled times everyone could use a lot more happy endings!

So when someone looks down their noses and calls romances bodice rippers,I just smile and say “I don’t think so! And maybe if you read one every once in a while you would be a happier person.”

August 25, 2015



Proud, passionate Lady Gillian MacGuire is known as the Spitfire of the Isles. She can take care of herself and hasn't yet met a man who could impress her . . . especially not Donell MacDonnell, the odious older man she was promised to five years ago. She's been dreading his return, but when her intended comes back to claim her, she's stunned at how different he seems. The man she swore she would spurn forever now invades her thoughts, her dreams, and her heart.


When Roag agrees to assume the identity of the recently deceased MacDonnell chieftain, no one warns him that the man was betrothed. As a member of the King's Fenris Guard, he is oath-bound to embark on whatever mission the crown gives him. Of course, he was expecting a battle-not a bride. Yet after sharing one kiss with Lady Gillian, the powerful Highlander becomes the one seduced and captivated. Now giving in to temptation could ruin them both...

Teaser Excerpt

The glint in his eye, the hard set of his jaw, made her forget every word he and her father had just exchanged.  Indeed, even her reason for standing here almost slipped from her mind.

     She saw only Donell, the slight narrowing of his dark, intense eyes.
     She held up a hand, hoping to halt him.

     He kept on, ignoring her objection.  “You needn’t assure me of her talents.”  He tossed the quip to her father, not breaking stride.  “Lady Gillian’s skills are renown, as is her beauty.”

     “See here….” Gillian couldn’t finish, needing a steadying breath more than arguments.  Sparks leapt between them, the very air shifting.  Heat rose around her, warming her skin despite the racing wind, the day’s bitter cold.

     He was almost upon her and she felt more than saw his displeasure.  He’d caught himself quickly, even before her father finished speaking.  If he’d been shocked by the implications behind praise of her housekeeping talent, he’d again seized the advantage.  He wore a wickedly devilish look that jellied her knees.

     She also bristled.

     He might be roguish, even wildly attractive, but she wouldn’t bat her eyelashes, allow him to fluster her.  There were surely enough women who did.  And she wasn’t about to join their ranks.

     She wasn’t so easily charmed.

     So she lifted her chin, willing a steely glint into her eyes.  She knew with feminine instinct that he wasn’t pleased by her father’s reminder of their betrothal.

     Perhaps he’d met another woman during his years away, wished to marry her?

     One could hope.

     She wouldn’t mind releasing him from their ties, freeing him to claim another.
     Unfortunately, the closer he came, the more she discerned an entirely different intent.  As he loomed before her, his towering presence blocking her family and even her view of the landing beach, she knew she wasn’t mistaken.  Especially when he set his hands on her shoulders, a slow smile spreading across his strong, bearded face.

     He meant to kiss her.

     She frowned, hoping to dissuade him.

     “It’s too late for posturing, sweetness.”  He shook his head, the thick raven silk of his hair teasing his broad, plaid-draped shoulders.

     “I did not expect to see you again.”  Gillian straightened, flicked at her sleeve.  “Not this day, not ever.  In truth, I scarce recognize you.”

     “Then I was gone too long, I’m thinking.”  He caught her hand, linking their fingers, bringing her wrist to his lips.  The warmth of his mouth against her skin and the light brush of his wind-chilled beard sent a rush of tingly sensation along her nerves.

RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times) on TO DESIRE A HIGHLANDER 4 ½ Stars
“From the dialect, language, and legends, to the spot-on characterizations, Welfonder captures the Scottish isles to perfection.  Fans will adore this novel, especially the dynamic battle of wills between her spirited characters and the unexpected plot twists that bring them together.  Though the storyline is tried and true, in Welfonder’s hands, it becomes a delight.”
~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

 A Special message from Sue-Ellen…

     From the beginning of my writing career, my world has been blessed by beautiful readers who, like me, appreciate all the wonder of medieval Scotland, Highland magic, animals (real and mythical), meddling crones, and – of course – big, bold Highlander heroes and the strong and proud heroines who love them.  You’ve shared my belief that reading a book is actually opening a portal and being swept away to wherever or whenever your heart desires.  Thank you so much for your love, enthusiasm, and support.  It has meant and means so much to have you on this journey with me.  A thousand blessings and all my love to each one of you.

Buy Links:

August 22, 2015

Movie Review: Terminator Genisys

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke

Directed by: Alan Taylor

BLURB: When John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events alters the timeline. Now Reese must face dangerous new enemies, unlikely allies, and a new mission: To reset the future.

REVIEW:  Terminator Genisys is the 5th installment in the Terminator series and it actually is what the 3rd and 4th movies should have been. I wasn’t sure how I would like a look back at a younger Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese but I was pleasantly surprised by this one! It was hands…and actually skyscrapers better than T3 was and I liked it much better than Terminator Salvation as well. 

Emilia Clarke plays Sarah in this one and she did a pretty good job in the role. My personal favorite as the character will always be Lena Headey from The Sarah Connor Chronicles I thought she was nothing short of magnificent as Sarah. A close second but still soundly second is Linda Hamilton but Emilia did herself proud in the role which isn’t an easy one at all to fill. She also actually favors Linda Hamilton, I thought, which does make her seem rather seamless as Sarah here as well. Jason Clarke (who btw is NOT related to Emilia despite the same last names) plays Kyle Reese and he did a great job too I thought in recreating Kyle from the first movie pretty seamlessly. The highlight of this one though of course is the return of Arnold as yet another T-800 who is this time was sent to protect Sarah herself. He has actually already been with Sarah for several years by the time Kyle shows up in the movie this time. Pop’s as Sarah has lovingly nicknamed him is kind of a father figure for Sarah and the comradery between her and her Terminator protector is enduring and echos John’s relationship with the Terminator who was his protector in T2. Very well done in this one too and the image of the AI and the humans blurs for the audience once again here. 

Though Genisys does cover some ground that has been covered in the first film already...some practically scene for is not just a rehash of the first movie by a long shot either. There are several BIG developments that take place which I won’t go into what they are because to do so is a huge spoiler for many (although if you have read or seen much about the movie before hand you probably already know the biggest spoiler but I will not let it out just in case). Let’s just say there is a BIG game changer as part of the main plot to this one that has never been seen before in the Terminator world. It's a doozy and turns everything on it's ear to say the least. 

There is tons of action, adventure, yes violence…this is a Terminator movie, but there is also laughter and romance too! It’s a pretty well rounded movie all the way around and my son and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be adding this one to our movie collection as soon as it’s out. Shoot the scene with Pop's trying to smile is worth the whole price of the movie by itself ROFL!!!!!!!!! Trust me awesome is the only word for it. And if anyone is a big Doctor Who fan like my son they will probably enjoy seeing Matt Smith in this one as well though he is character here is vastly different from the way we are use to seeing him! Not saying more on that either you will just have to watch it for yourself and see. I actually am looking forward to seeing it again already.

So final verdict Terminator Genisys is WELL worth the watch and actually to almost any Terminator fan should be an outright buy one for the collection too. Great addition to the franchise in my humble opinion.

 Rated PG - 13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and gunplay throughout, partial nudity and brief strong language 

 One naked embrace as they go through the time travel sequence but beyond that nothing but kissing. PG-13 this time around for sure. 


August 12, 2015

Series Review: Poldark Season 1

Just look at that brooding sexiness!
Once in a while a show comes along that instantly grabs you and doesn't let go....such is the case with Poldark! Now I know that the original Poldark series that aired from 1975-1977 on BBC and Masterpiece Theater was a huge hit back in the day. I admit readily that I never saw the older version but when I saw the promos for the latest incarnation of the show I knew I had to give it a try. Being a huge fan of historical dramas and romance this was right up my alley I thought by the true that was.

Poldark is based on the best selling and well beloved books by Winston Graham (there were 12 books total that make up the series). And having seen the series come to life on screen I can see totally why they are so well loved and have been reprinted over and over throughout the years. (I am loving the books now too and so far the series follows the books extremely closely as well!)

Poldark season one is based on/and covers the first two novels of the series...Ross Poldark and Demelza.

Poldark is the story of Ross Poldark (played to hunky perfection by Aidan Turner) when we first meet him Ross is a soldier in the British Army fighting in the Revolutionary War in America. After being severely wounded in battle he returns home to Cornwall England after being gone 3 years to find his life drastically and forever changed in more ways than he ever imagined.

His father has passed away unbeknownst to him 6 weeks before he returned home and the family estate (Nampara) that he has been left as his inheritance is in severe disrepair and financial trouble. There are no crops planted and the house and fields are all in a horrible state. Ross is more than disappointed and a bit livid that they were allowed to get that way by the constantly drunk and incompetent servants of his late Father - Prudie and Jud Paynter. His father also had fallen on hard times before his illness and Ross finds himself returning to a pretty much penniless state.

To top it all of the woman Ross loved and pined for the entire time he was gone Elizabeth is about to marry his cousin Francis. So heartbroken and at a loss at where to start to put things to rights Ross feels that he is cursed. He can't believe that everything he knew has seemingly been taken from him in one fell swoop.

But Ross Poldark is not the sort of man to tuck his tail between his legs and give up. He stubbornly sets to the very hard work of rebuilding the estate and the crops as well as putting to right the lands for his tenants who have also been sorely neglected since his father's death.

While in town buying supplies Ross sees a gang of young ruffians harassing and beating a young boy who was trying to save his dog from the gang who were trying to put the very docile dog up against a vicious mongrel in a dog fight.

Ross intervenes and saves the boy only to be shocked to find that the boy is actually a young woman in men's clothes. Ross takes the young woman into the local tavern and orders her some food and drink as she appears to be half starved. To his shock and dismay he sees that she has stripes on her back from a severe beating (the girl admits it wasn't done during the skuffle with the boys but by her father who beats her repeated on a frequent basis when he drinks after coming home from the mines. Ross who can't stand to see anyone mistreated, and most especially a woman, offers to take the girl Demelza (played by the brilliant and mesmerizing Eleanor Tomlinson) in as a kitchen maid. Demelza readily agrees if he will allow her to bring her beloved dog Garrick. Ross agrees and off they go to Nampara... little do they know this is just the beginning of many adventures.

What happens next...many, many more twists and turns including fights for rights, life threatening circumstances galore, murder, shipwrecks, a love triangle, a forbidden love, a duel, and much much more are waiting for them all.

Poldark literally has it ALL romance, intrigue, drama, action it has everything and will totally tug at your heartstrings the whole time!

It has been a LONG time since I loved a series as much as I do Poldark. I simply can't say enough good things about this one. The actors and actresses are magnificent! The scenery where it was shot on location in Cornwall is hauntingly and breathtakingly beautiful. It's clean enough that the entire family can watch it (shocker I know especially now a days). It's just an all around fantastic series!!! I absolutely LOVEEEEEE it. So much so that I have already watched it several times since first finding it! Yes it really is that good!

Trust me if you love a great story with a lot of heart, romance, action, and drama you need to go and buy Poldark! Trust me on this one just go ahead and buy it skip the rental on this one because you WILL want to keep it and watch this one over and over again. I know I am!

More good news Season 2 has already gotten the green light from BBC and is scheduled to start filming in September! I for one can not wait until it comes out! I have been chomping at the bit for more and was missing the characters and couldn't wait to see what happens so I went out and bought the books and I'm in the middle of the third book now! YES it's excellent too so far so I know Season 2 is bound to be stellar as well!

So what are you waiting for click on the link below and buy your copy of Poldark you will definitely not be sorry!

Can't say it enough it's AWESOME in every sense of the word! Skip the
rental and just buy this one!!!

There is implied sexuality but nothing besides kissing and them in bed afterword. Let's put it this way you can see FAR worse on daytime and primetime regular TV on a daily basis. The entire family can watch this one it's very clean. 

Click on the covers below to buy the books! 

They are awesome and you do get some more information about the characters that they didn't have time to cover in the series although again the series stays VERY close to the books which is also rare.