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1 John 4:9

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August 25, 2015



Proud, passionate Lady Gillian MacGuire is known as the Spitfire of the Isles. She can take care of herself and hasn't yet met a man who could impress her . . . especially not Donell MacDonnell, the odious older man she was promised to five years ago. She's been dreading his return, but when her intended comes back to claim her, she's stunned at how different he seems. The man she swore she would spurn forever now invades her thoughts, her dreams, and her heart.


When Roag agrees to assume the identity of the recently deceased MacDonnell chieftain, no one warns him that the man was betrothed. As a member of the King's Fenris Guard, he is oath-bound to embark on whatever mission the crown gives him. Of course, he was expecting a battle-not a bride. Yet after sharing one kiss with Lady Gillian, the powerful Highlander becomes the one seduced and captivated. Now giving in to temptation could ruin them both...

Teaser Excerpt

The glint in his eye, the hard set of his jaw, made her forget every word he and her father had just exchanged.  Indeed, even her reason for standing here almost slipped from her mind.

     She saw only Donell, the slight narrowing of his dark, intense eyes.
     She held up a hand, hoping to halt him.

     He kept on, ignoring her objection.  “You needn’t assure me of her talents.”  He tossed the quip to her father, not breaking stride.  “Lady Gillian’s skills are renown, as is her beauty.”

     “See here….” Gillian couldn’t finish, needing a steadying breath more than arguments.  Sparks leapt between them, the very air shifting.  Heat rose around her, warming her skin despite the racing wind, the day’s bitter cold.

     He was almost upon her and she felt more than saw his displeasure.  He’d caught himself quickly, even before her father finished speaking.  If he’d been shocked by the implications behind praise of her housekeeping talent, he’d again seized the advantage.  He wore a wickedly devilish look that jellied her knees.

     She also bristled.

     He might be roguish, even wildly attractive, but she wouldn’t bat her eyelashes, allow him to fluster her.  There were surely enough women who did.  And she wasn’t about to join their ranks.

     She wasn’t so easily charmed.

     So she lifted her chin, willing a steely glint into her eyes.  She knew with feminine instinct that he wasn’t pleased by her father’s reminder of their betrothal.

     Perhaps he’d met another woman during his years away, wished to marry her?

     One could hope.

     She wouldn’t mind releasing him from their ties, freeing him to claim another.
     Unfortunately, the closer he came, the more she discerned an entirely different intent.  As he loomed before her, his towering presence blocking her family and even her view of the landing beach, she knew she wasn’t mistaken.  Especially when he set his hands on her shoulders, a slow smile spreading across his strong, bearded face.

     He meant to kiss her.

     She frowned, hoping to dissuade him.

     “It’s too late for posturing, sweetness.”  He shook his head, the thick raven silk of his hair teasing his broad, plaid-draped shoulders.

     “I did not expect to see you again.”  Gillian straightened, flicked at her sleeve.  “Not this day, not ever.  In truth, I scarce recognize you.”

     “Then I was gone too long, I’m thinking.”  He caught her hand, linking their fingers, bringing her wrist to his lips.  The warmth of his mouth against her skin and the light brush of his wind-chilled beard sent a rush of tingly sensation along her nerves.

RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times) on TO DESIRE A HIGHLANDER 4 ½ Stars
“From the dialect, language, and legends, to the spot-on characterizations, Welfonder captures the Scottish isles to perfection.  Fans will adore this novel, especially the dynamic battle of wills between her spirited characters and the unexpected plot twists that bring them together.  Though the storyline is tried and true, in Welfonder’s hands, it becomes a delight.”
~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

 A Special message from Sue-Ellen…

     From the beginning of my writing career, my world has been blessed by beautiful readers who, like me, appreciate all the wonder of medieval Scotland, Highland magic, animals (real and mythical), meddling crones, and – of course – big, bold Highlander heroes and the strong and proud heroines who love them.  You’ve shared my belief that reading a book is actually opening a portal and being swept away to wherever or whenever your heart desires.  Thank you so much for your love, enthusiasm, and support.  It has meant and means so much to have you on this journey with me.  A thousand blessings and all my love to each one of you.

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  1. Wonderful,wonderful story! Raog and Gillian will steal hearts. :)

    1. *Roag....I've been a bit dyslexic tonight with his name. Not sure why my fingers keep wanting to spell it that way. :)

  2. Yes it is and will totally agree Leah! :)


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