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August 12, 2015

Series Review: Poldark Season 1

Just look at that brooding sexiness!
Once in a while a show comes along that instantly grabs you and doesn't let go....such is the case with Poldark! Now I know that the original Poldark series that aired from 1975-1977 on BBC and Masterpiece Theater was a huge hit back in the day. I admit readily that I never saw the older version but when I saw the promos for the latest incarnation of the show I knew I had to give it a try. Being a huge fan of historical dramas and romance this was right up my alley I thought by the true that was.

Poldark is based on the best selling and well beloved books by Winston Graham (there were 12 books total that make up the series). And having seen the series come to life on screen I can see totally why they are so well loved and have been reprinted over and over throughout the years. (I am loving the books now too and so far the series follows the books extremely closely as well!)

Poldark season one is based on/and covers the first two novels of the series...Ross Poldark and Demelza.

Poldark is the story of Ross Poldark (played to hunky perfection by Aidan Turner) when we first meet him Ross is a soldier in the British Army fighting in the Revolutionary War in America. After being severely wounded in battle he returns home to Cornwall England after being gone 3 years to find his life drastically and forever changed in more ways than he ever imagined.

His father has passed away unbeknownst to him 6 weeks before he returned home and the family estate (Nampara) that he has been left as his inheritance is in severe disrepair and financial trouble. There are no crops planted and the house and fields are all in a horrible state. Ross is more than disappointed and a bit livid that they were allowed to get that way by the constantly drunk and incompetent servants of his late Father - Prudie and Jud Paynter. His father also had fallen on hard times before his illness and Ross finds himself returning to a pretty much penniless state.

To top it all of the woman Ross loved and pined for the entire time he was gone Elizabeth is about to marry his cousin Francis. So heartbroken and at a loss at where to start to put things to rights Ross feels that he is cursed. He can't believe that everything he knew has seemingly been taken from him in one fell swoop.

But Ross Poldark is not the sort of man to tuck his tail between his legs and give up. He stubbornly sets to the very hard work of rebuilding the estate and the crops as well as putting to right the lands for his tenants who have also been sorely neglected since his father's death.

While in town buying supplies Ross sees a gang of young ruffians harassing and beating a young boy who was trying to save his dog from the gang who were trying to put the very docile dog up against a vicious mongrel in a dog fight.

Ross intervenes and saves the boy only to be shocked to find that the boy is actually a young woman in men's clothes. Ross takes the young woman into the local tavern and orders her some food and drink as she appears to be half starved. To his shock and dismay he sees that she has stripes on her back from a severe beating (the girl admits it wasn't done during the skuffle with the boys but by her father who beats her repeated on a frequent basis when he drinks after coming home from the mines. Ross who can't stand to see anyone mistreated, and most especially a woman, offers to take the girl Demelza (played by the brilliant and mesmerizing Eleanor Tomlinson) in as a kitchen maid. Demelza readily agrees if he will allow her to bring her beloved dog Garrick. Ross agrees and off they go to Nampara... little do they know this is just the beginning of many adventures.

What happens next...many, many more twists and turns including fights for rights, life threatening circumstances galore, murder, shipwrecks, a love triangle, a forbidden love, a duel, and much much more are waiting for them all.

Poldark literally has it ALL romance, intrigue, drama, action it has everything and will totally tug at your heartstrings the whole time!

It has been a LONG time since I loved a series as much as I do Poldark. I simply can't say enough good things about this one. The actors and actresses are magnificent! The scenery where it was shot on location in Cornwall is hauntingly and breathtakingly beautiful. It's clean enough that the entire family can watch it (shocker I know especially now a days). It's just an all around fantastic series!!! I absolutely LOVEEEEEE it. So much so that I have already watched it several times since first finding it! Yes it really is that good!

Trust me if you love a great story with a lot of heart, romance, action, and drama you need to go and buy Poldark! Trust me on this one just go ahead and buy it skip the rental on this one because you WILL want to keep it and watch this one over and over again. I know I am!

More good news Season 2 has already gotten the green light from BBC and is scheduled to start filming in September! I for one can not wait until it comes out! I have been chomping at the bit for more and was missing the characters and couldn't wait to see what happens so I went out and bought the books and I'm in the middle of the third book now! YES it's excellent too so far so I know Season 2 is bound to be stellar as well!

So what are you waiting for click on the link below and buy your copy of Poldark you will definitely not be sorry!

Can't say it enough it's AWESOME in every sense of the word! Skip the
rental and just buy this one!!!

There is implied sexuality but nothing besides kissing and them in bed afterword. Let's put it this way you can see FAR worse on daytime and primetime regular TV on a daily basis. The entire family can watch this one it's very clean. 

Click on the covers below to buy the books! 

They are awesome and you do get some more information about the characters that they didn't have time to cover in the series although again the series stays VERY close to the books which is also rare. 


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