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1 John 4:9

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October 28, 2015

Movie Review: Love Begins

Starring: Wes Brown, Julie Mond, Abigail Mavity

Directed by: David S. Cass Sr. 

BLURB:  After their father’s passing, Ellen Barlow (Julie Mond) and her sister Cassie struggle to maintain the family farm in Anderson’s Corner. When Clark Davis (Wes Brown) finds trouble in town on his way to California, Ellen agrees tohire him at the farm to work off his debts. Before long, Clark and Ellen unexpectedly develop feelings for each other. Ultimately, a turn of events inspires the pair to begin a legacy of love and faith together in this heartwarming family drama.

REVIEW: Love Begins is the first of two prequels to the Love Comes Softly movie series. This is the story of how it all began! Clark Davis is in a mess of trouble. He was on his way to the California gold fields but is sidetracked in a big way when defending his hot headed friend in a fist fight at the local cafe lands them both in the town jail, with some hefty fines hanging over their heads to boot for the damages.

When his no account friend makes a break for it Clark refuses to go along and instead opts to stay and face the music and repay what the Sheriff says he owes for the damages to the cafe owner Milly. So the next morning the Sheriff finds Clark sitting quietly in his cell with the door wide open and his "friend" no where to be seen. The Sheriff sees that there is much more to Clark Davis's character than meets the eye by his actions, and when Clark asks him if there is any way that he might be able to find him work to where he could earn the money to pay off the damages to Milly and fines the Sheriff says he just might know the perfect way to solve two problems at once. 

The other problem is Ellen and Cassie Barlow and their farm that has been in desperate need of a good farm hand to help get things back on track after their father's recent death left the two women alone to do all the work by themselves. Some of the work they need done has required a man's strength and knowledge that the girls don't have. But when the Sheriff rides up with Clark offering to have him work as their farm hand to repay his debt to Milly and the town Ellen isn't thrilled with the idea at all... at least at first. Cassie takes right to the handsome stranger but Ellen is much more cautious especially after Clark's run in with the law and all. But as the days slowly pass Ellen and Clark start to warm to one another and it isn't long before the two start to see the goodness, strength, and honor in the other. 

I truly loved this movie my favorite of the series is and will always be the "first" movie Love Comes Softly but like many others I did wonder about Clark's first marriage and this movie along with the second prequel fills in all the gaps and makes the series all the richer I believe in doing so. Wes Brown and Julie Mond are both outstanding in their roles I just loved them both. And Wes is none to hard on the eyes either lol! Many will enjoy seeing Nancy Mckeon from The Facts of Life fame in the role of the widowed cafe owner Milly as well. 

This is just an all around great movie and one that the entire family can enjoy together! I highly recommend it to one and all!

The movie is not officially rated but if it was it would be G to PG at the most (PG if people are so anal that they would count a fist fight to knock it out of a G rating) it is family friendly!

Totally clean the whole family can enjoy this one together! Nothing but a couple of chaste kisses. 

(and you can see the rest of the series available linked off this as well)

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Disc 4: Love's Abiding Joy
Disc 5: Love's Unending Legacy
Disc 6: Love's Unfolding Dream
Disc 7: Love Takes Wing
Disc 8: Love Finds Home
Disc 9: Love Begins
Disc 10: Love's Everlasting Courage

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