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April 10, 2019

Unplanned: A movie that will actually save lives

We went and saw Unplanned yesterday in the theater. (I'm over halfway done reading the book now as well and it's even better than the movie which is saying a lot.) It's the true story of Abby Johnson who is a former Planned Parenthood clinic director and one of their former "rising stars" in the industry. That all changed however when she assisted and witnessed an ultrasound guided abortion of a 13 week old baby herself on September 26th 2009. Her whole outlook on everything that she had so vehemently fought and stood for in the pro choice movement changed that day and her story has been change hearts and minds ever since. 

EVERYONE and I do mean every single person should see this film at least one time in their lives. I do not say that lightly. Is it a fun movie or one that you will "enjoy"...No it's not that kind of film - but is exactly what every human being should see and learn about an industry that takes the lives of upwards of 3000 children every single day in the United States alone. 

That was the first thing out of my son Stephen's mouth as we exited to the lobby yesterday "Everyone should see that one at least once. I wouldn't want to see it again but I'm glad I saw it and everyone should." 

Don't let the R rating fool you this movie in no way shape or form deserved an R rating. There are much more graphic and bloody scenes on countless primetime shows on regular television these days. This is just more of the Entertainment & Hollywood industries way of trying to keep people from seeing this Pro-Life film...especially teenage girls because many times they are the victims of the abortion industry and their devious tactics. They don't want anyone to see the truth of what the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood are really like and about.  Hollywood as everyone knows is firmly in the back pocket of countless pro-abortion and liberal organizations and political leaders who side with Planned Parenthood completely. So naturally they did everything they could to stop this one from being seen by as many as possible including giving it a bogus R rating. It speaks volumes that a 15-year-old girl (or younger in some many states) can get an abortion or the abortion pill without her parent's permission but she can't see this movie without adult supervision.. just.let that sink in for just a moment. 

However despite their best efforts- which included not only the bogus rating but they refused to let them air advertisements on TV, shut down their twitter account on opening day, yet still it is a box office success far exceeding expectations for its opening weekend and placing 4th despite everyone's best efforts to silence them with a 6.4 million in about 1,000 theaters and beating out many of the bigger-budget films from the major studios. It also just pulled in another $3.2 million in its second weekend of showings.

 Planned Parenthood I'm sure has paid out some MAJOR money to try to keep this one from being seen as much as they possibly can because it shows them up for what they truly are and do! But they are losing and losing big and they are scared to death of this movie with good reason!

Unplanned is extremely powerful and revealing. I ugly cried several times but it was so worth it. Please support this one it needs and deserves to be seen and praised for it's powerful life affirming message. It's message is vitally important on so many levels in our world today and it will change...and more importantly... SAVE lives! So do go out and support UNPLANNED at the box office and read the book! You get way more of the story and even more details of what goes on in Planned Parenthoods murder mills and I guarantee that you will never be the same once you do. #Unplanned  #prolife  #defundplannedparenthood



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